Friday, 14 January 2011

Year of the Brush - January

Welcome to my first month of my Year of the Brush!

Obviously I start the brush buying with the two brushes I wanted the most. The 187 and the 210

187 - Large duo-fibre brush

Ah the 187, my saviour! I've used this for stippling my foundation, it gives me a really smooth coverage. I particularly find it fab for layering up my foundation. Generally I'll apply a thin layer of foundation all over using my finger tips then use this brush with extra product over areas that are a little bit spotty or red. Works a treat as it doesn't give a streaky appearance like some flat foundation brushes

So should you go buy it?

If your skin is anything like mine (spotty, scarred, uneven) then a big fat YES. If you need a good coverage then it is fabulous at layering up foundation and gives a flawless finish. If you have pretty good skin already and just use foundation as an enhancement then I'd say it's not really necessary, finger tips or a cheaper version will suffice. It is one of the most expensive MAC brushes, but for me its worth it. Cheaper alternatives? Try Sigma F50ELF studio stipple brush or Crowns C406

210 - precision eyeliner

The 210 is described by MAC as a 'precision eyeliner' which I'd defiantly say was true. I'm a big fan of gel eyeliner and have previously been using the 209 brush, which is slightly bigger but it wasn't really cutting it in the inner corners of my eyes. The 210 brush gives a thin neat line all over the eyelid and a perfect thin flick at the out corner. Great for everyday eyeliner-ing! I still have a place in my heart for the 209 though, as it gives a thicker 'flick' which I love for a night out.

So should you go buy it?

If you use gel or cream eyeliner then, yes, no question. You'd be hard pushed to find a better alternative on the market.

Already planning my next month brush buys!

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