Sunday, 30 October 2011

Road Kill

I adore Halloween. I wish we would do it American style here! It's such a huge thing in across the pond. Last year my Sister and brother-in-law actually went to Heidi and Seal's Halloween party. SO JEALOUS!

I plotted my Halloween outfit for quite a while and was pretty pleased with my DIY results. I didn't actually have an awesome night though, we went to this dodgy party and I got way too drunk and was laying on my boyfriends parents bathroom floor at about 1.30am, Halloween outfit around my ankles, head over toilet bowl! I've had a pretty shit week and that combined with my lack of eating dinner Friday night made for a hideous hangover the next day. I think I remember on my last post saying something about the negative of drinking too much, so more fool me. Silly girl.

Anyway this year I was Road Kill! Fox style!

Leotard - eBay
Wig - eBay - here, I ordered one of these wigs last year in brown, they are such good quality for the price and people thought it was my real hair (not so much with this luminous orange wig though!)
Tights - Topshop
Ears & Tail - eBay
Guts - Primark - well they were tights from the kids section that I put rubber bands on a splatted with fake blood

Considering how utterly useless I am usually with creativity and that my sewing skills are non existent I don't think it came out half bad. Although my nails were so long I couldn't do anything!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Blazin' Up

I've wanted a blazer for as long as I can remember but for some reason I just cannot pull them off. However, I had a bit of spare time whilst queueing for the new iPhone (sad I know) and popped into ol' Topshop for a browse. My intention was to look for a pair of shorts but I randomly came across this blazer, threw it on and ran to the till with it as fast as my little trotters could go.

Not sure why it looks better that all the rest I've tried on? The price? I mean £65? What the hell Topshop, it had better suit me for that price! Or maybe the size? It's a 6, which I wouldn't usually go for but they didn't have an 8 so i just really tried it on a whim. Boy am I glad though, me and my blazer are best friends now.

So obviously I broke it out that night.

Blazer - Topshop
Dress - Rare @ Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Mulberry
Rings - ASOS & Topshop

Hmmm OD'ed on Topshop again.

Me and my friend hit up London, got terribly, terribly drunk, staggered to the train to get home, my friend ran off the train at some random station to vomit everywhere, couldn't get back on the train in time, so it left me riding off on the train alone and her on a random platform alone. Happily no-one got raped or murdered and we both live to tell the tale, albeit with huge hangovers.

The moral of the story kids, don't drink.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Wind whine

Quick outfit of the day. Just been for some lunch with my friend and little mooch around the shops. Super stoked I finally managed to do a fishtail braid! Only took about 10 attempts......

The hat was kind of an accident, I just wore it to tie it into the bag (which I didn't actually use anyway!) that I wanted to wear. But boy am I glad I did, sooooo windy today. Massive lipgloss/hair failure! Which could have been 100% worse if it weren't for the hat!

Top, jeans, necklace - Topshop
Shoes - ASOS
Rings - ASOS & Topshop
Hat - Miss Selfridge
Bag - eBay (here) I hate the fact that it's blatant knock-off attempt but it's actually pretty good quality and super cheap!

Must dash, this cake and a cup of tea is calling!

Hope you lovies are all ok.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Holiday Blues

Although I seem to have frequent hiatus's from blogging I actually have a value excuse this time. I've been in America for 2 weeks.

My boyfriends parents have a place out in Marco Island, FL so me and him go there every year, but this year we stopped off in New York before for a couple of nights. I've never been to New York before so it was pretty exciting, but massively exhausting! We practically walked around the whole of New York shopping and doing little touristy bits. But my favourite part was going to PDT, or Please Don't Tell, it's like a secret cocktail bar that's hidden behind a phone booth, it's really hard to get a table in because they only let you ring up to book at certain time on the day you want to go and then of course the phone-line is jammed! But we sort of rocked up and managed to wangle a table!

I am however utterly ashamed of my photography skills. I actually took like 10 photos of the whole trip on my iPhone (not even my camera!) and they are all rubbish! Plus I'm super upset that I didn't manage to get any photos of PDT, but I hate, hate, hate looking like a tourist so I stupidly didn't take my phone or camera!

Anyway here are a couple of pictures from the trip.

New York

Crazy ass picture of cabs

Super yum French toast at Cookshop

Of course we had to try one of Magnolia's cupcakes!

The Kardashian's shop, super happy to stumble upon this, but nothing in there particularly caught my eye

Amazing desert at Buddakan

View from the Empire State building


Even the roads in FL are pretty!

Naples beach

Naples pier, always a gorgeous sunset

The boyf

OMG I love rare tuna

Anyway it's back down to earth with a bump, as I'm back on night shifts this week. I'm super jet-lagged still because of it and I'm worried that I'm never going to get back to the right time zone!


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