Friday, 20 May 2011

The Only Way....

I went to Sugar Hut last week for my birthday celebration (yes, I know I'll shut up about my birthday soon). You may have heard of it if you're a avid watcher of TOWIE - it's the club that Kirk's Dad owns in Essex.

Anyhoo, it's a pretty good place, almost like a big house with all these separate rooms filled with many, many Buddha's. Unfortuantly everyone and his mum now goes to Sugar Hut because of the show and the queue is massive - we queued for over an hour, it never used to be like that! Booo - it wasn't even that packed inside, I think they just make you queue for the hell of it!

Obviously I'm an idiot and didn't take any proper outfit pictures. But I've cropped a couple where you can sort of see my outfit, for your viewing pleasure.....

And yes, they do have a fully functioning piano in the club that they allow people like me to attempt to drape themselves over in a seductive way. There ain't nothing seductive about that picture folks, in fact I look like I'm a giant.

Dress - ASOS
Necklace - H&M
Shoes - Topshop

A pretty damn good night in my books.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Lucky Me

Somebody was a very lucky girl for their birthday....

Alexander McQueen Scarf
Mulberry 'Daria' clutch

I have been totally eyeing up that scarf for ages and I'm so stoked' to have it!

It was actually a gift from my boyfriends parents, with a little (read - lot) input from the boyf!

But the bag is a real beaut' and it was a total surprise, I have always loved these clutches but I'd never actually asked for one, or told my boyfriend. It's such a gorgeous colour in real life, a peachy nude with a hint of sparkle and that fab rose gold logo plate. Swoon. Only problem is that my boyfriend told me he was warned twice in Mulberry that the bag stains and wears very, very easily. Bad times, I cover everything in make-up and fake tan!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

My birthday presents, to myself...!

After I got Wah'd the other day I had some time to spare before meeting up with my boyfriend. So I partook in a little birthday indulgence.

I really needed to find something to wear for Saturday night clubbing but I actually had found a dress on ASOS that I'd ordered the night before. It was pretty cheap for £32 with a 20% discount and so I thought I'd better treat myself to a new pair of shoes. The dress I've ordered it this one, I'm hoping it will look good on. So I decided to try and get some coral/orange shoes to go with it.

Step up these beauties

I actually saw them online first and kind of just thought 'they'll do' but when I saw them in Topshop I was totally like 'OMG, got to have them'

I actually have the same shoes in black which I find really comfortable.

I will be totally devo'd if they don't match the dress or the dress is just plain horrible!

I did also buy another dress while I was in Toppers, but I don't have a picture of it at this moment in time.

I picked up this useful-but-not-very-exciting necklace too. I  love a long chain and it will go with everything!


I then toddled off to Selfridges I was after Peaches blush from MAC. But I totes forgot how much I hate the MAC in Selfridges, it's just really badly organised and you can never get any help. So I did a circle of the make-up stands and found this beaut from Nars - Gina

A fabulous matte peach/coral colour. I only realised the other day that most of my blushes have a shimmer in, I personally prefer shimmerless, especially for the day. So the matte-ness of this blush attracted me!

It's very pigmented so you have to blush with caution

Not a huge haul, but I was happy!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Birthday WAH!

As it was my birthday yesterday and I had booked a few days off from work I decided to get Wah'd @ Topshop.

I booked my appointment about a week ago as I heard (and saw) that it got very busy. So when I turned up yesterday at 2.30 I was surprised to see I was the only one there!

I opted from a leopard print and bow design which was not the most exciting of choices but I kinda of wanted to see how they did leopard print, so I could copy it at home! And seriously they have so many designs and colours that I think I would have been so hard pushed to actually make my mind up on anything else!

Here is the outcome.

So super neat, huh?

I love a nude leopard print and the gold/bronze colour inside the print was suggested by the girl doing my nails, and then I chose the coral colour to match my new shoes I had just bought (pics of them later) which I plan to wear for a night out on Saturday.

The manicure lasted about 1 hour and cost £28, which included cuticle work (which you pay an extra £5 for)

All in all a fab experience and one I'd definitely repeat!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Some things for something

I've been terribly sllacking on the blogging front. I'm just a bit behind on things and lately when I'm not at work I seem to be sleeping. It's my day off today and I'm still in my pyjamas at 6pm, it's not really out of choice but I'm desperate to get this stupid essay done and they are the warmest/comfiest things I own! Gah

Anyway I have been doing some stuff and rather than bore you with loads of words that I don't really have time to write I've just got a few pictures.

On our way to Thorpe Park. I am totally not cut out for theme parks anymore and spent the whole day feeling dreadful! Still was nice to do something different, and I at least I know not to go back for a long time!

Totes excitement and seeing the new Barry M pink crackle polish! Although I then went into Superdrug and found out they were doing 2 for £4.99 and they had all the new colours in, doh!
Illamasqua - Purity
Barry M instant nails effects - Pink

This song. Jamie Woon - Lady Luck

Enjoying wearing super-dark eyes. But kind of forgetting how to do smokey eyes properly!

Yellow nails
Amazing how these beauties make me feel so happy
Topshop - Bees Knees

Kudos for Topshop for making some amazing nail colours this season!

I hope y'all have been up to some more exciting stuff than me lately!


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