Thursday, 12 May 2011

Birthday WAH!

As it was my birthday yesterday and I had booked a few days off from work I decided to get Wah'd @ Topshop.

I booked my appointment about a week ago as I heard (and saw) that it got very busy. So when I turned up yesterday at 2.30 I was surprised to see I was the only one there!

I opted from a leopard print and bow design which was not the most exciting of choices but I kinda of wanted to see how they did leopard print, so I could copy it at home! And seriously they have so many designs and colours that I think I would have been so hard pushed to actually make my mind up on anything else!

Here is the outcome.

So super neat, huh?

I love a nude leopard print and the gold/bronze colour inside the print was suggested by the girl doing my nails, and then I chose the coral colour to match my new shoes I had just bought (pics of them later) which I plan to wear for a night out on Saturday.

The manicure lasted about 1 hour and cost £28, which included cuticle work (which you pay an extra £5 for)

All in all a fab experience and one I'd definitely repeat!


Rebecca said...

They done a fab job! hope you had a lovely birthday x

Emma said...

These nails are seriously gorgeous!! Absolutely love them!!



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