Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lip Service

I've have been thinking about having my lips 'done' for a while. I hadn't really done much research on it but I knew I wanted a fuller pout. A month or so ago my boyfriends mum gave me a leaflet on 'Juvederm', a kind of lip filler, and told me she knew of a lady who performed it. Me being me decided to book an appointment pretty much there and then for the next week. I did a little Google research after and decided it seemed pretty safe.

I won't go into the ins and outs of the how process because you can find a look better information if you Google it but I thought some people may be interested in the results.

I only had my top lip filled as I'm pretty happy with my bottom one already and I used 1 vial of Juvederm which I believe to be 0.8ml.

Surprisingly it didn't hurt, I always thought lips were so sensitive but this particular filler has local anaesthetic in, you feel a tiny prick as the needle goes in but then the whole area becomes numb.

Anyway, onto the results:


I didn't realise until the lady told me that my lips were uneven! Ha, it's pretty noticeable in this picture. She basically told me to even them out she'd put a tiny bit less in the bigger side, but did warn me that they might still look uneven.

Immediately afterwards

They looked pretty good straight away, but obviously they are slight swollen.

Day 2

She told me I was unlikely to bruise, but look at those badboys! Tradge! Luckily they were mostly in the inner part of my lips and I was working night shifts that week so didn't scare too many people with my fishy lips.

3 weeks afterwards

The swelling went down after a week, but I just didn't get a chance to picture them until now! This picture is not very good, but they are pretty even now.

The difference is not massive, and I don't think you'd look at me and be like, 'she's had her lips done' but I notice it and I'm really pleased. The results are supposed to last around nine months the first time and then yearly after that, and I think I'll continue to have them done!

Lastly, so you can see them in action....

If you are thinking about having your lips filled then I'd give you the following advice.

  • Research your practitioner - I'm lucky I found a good one, but it could have gone horribly wrong!
  • Make sure they use a filler with local anaesthetic in, I know there's loads of different types out there and they all have there negatives and positives, you can find a wealth on info by Googling it, but I reckon without the anaesthetic it would sting like a bitch, and I usually have quite a good pain tolerance!
  • It takes at least a week until your lips look 'normal', I didn't realise that my lips would be numb for so long. It was a week before I actually eat properly!
  • You may also develop a lisp, me and the letter 'p' were enemies for a while.
  • Do them for yourself. Most of my friends and family, including my boyfriend thought I was an idiot for getting them done, but I don't care, I wanted them done, and I like them and to me that's all that matters! Now the swelling has gone down, everyone (except my Mum, who threatened to throw me out the house, haha) has agreed that they look good (or they are all lying?!)

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment box. Or give me your views, bad or good!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

They call me mellow yellow

Got me some yellow skinnies! YAY.

I have been after a pair of yellow jeans for a while, and I just happened to be in Miss Selfridges en route to Topshop (the Oxford Street stores interjoin, amaze) when I saw these bad boys. They caught my eye due to the fact they are such a lovely soft yellow, reminds me of something yummy!

They are very similar in fit/style to Topshops 'Baxters' but are slightly less high waisted, much softer and they fit like a dream. I am serious considering purchasing them in lilac too.

But how many candy coloured skinnies does a girl need?

Tee - H&M
Skinnies - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - ASOS
Cuff - H&M
Clutch - Topshop

I also went for some super fast nail art on my nails.

Rings - ASOS & River Island

Now in reference to buying skinnies in every candy colour I see, do we think that candy colours will be 'done' by S/S 2013? Or will I get a justifiable amount of use out of them?

Over and out.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Just Peachy

I want a nude blazer.

But if only it were that simple. I may have discussed my blazer problems before, this one I am wearing in the below pictures is the only blazer I can get to look good on me. So until Topshop release this blazer in the exact shade of nude and style I'm looking for I will have to continue to attempt to match my brown blazer with everything.

Not ideal. But life is full of adversity, huh?

This outfit was just something I threw together for a meal with the girls

Blazer & Jeans - Topshop
Vest top - ASOS
Shoes - River Island
Rings - ASOS & River Island
Bangle - H&M
Necklace - Topshop
Bag - eBay
Lipstick - LOOK Beauty in Tangerine Cream

Monday, 5 March 2012

Oh Man!

So it seemed that I took February off from blogging. Let the excuses commence...

Firstly, and hilariously, the phone company managed to 'fix' a fault by connected my land line to somebody else's land line, so I was without internet for about 2 weeks whilst they buggered around trying to sort it out, but we did had the novelty of having a new home phone number for a while, which was of course fun. Secondly, and most importantly, I've been on holiday.

Just got back from Oman (do you get the title now?) yesterday, and may I just say that it was gorgeous, and truly blissful to spend a week in the sun with my boyfriend doing little but reading trashy novels and eating.

So in the tradition of 'hipster' blogs I shall upload my pictures in Instagram form, not least because my photography skills leave a lot to be desired.

  1. Rani float - actually had really chunks of peach in - amaze.
  2. Shellac nails in Tropix (chipped like a bitch though) and my fabulous Kindle skin
  3. Not bad for a Monday morning!
  4. Hotel room view
  5. Infinity pool
  6. 'Sand card' for my Daddy (slightly alarmed that I look like a skeleton though)
  7. Breakfast - to sort out the 'skeleton' look
  8. My new olding Wayfarers - genius!
  9. My boyfriend actually reading a book
  10. Hotel courtyard 

Sadly the lovely holiday has been pretty much wiped from my memory due to the fact that the flight back was horrible, I usually travel well but I managed to feel terrible the whole way home, and my boyfriend decided that he had developed a fear of flying. So I basically spent the whole 8 hours being clung on to for dear life by my poor pale, clammy handed boyfriend whilst I concentrated on not vomming everywhere. 

Anyway, can't complain. Hope you are all fabs and hello to my new followers.

Friday, 20 January 2012


As promised here is a link to my eBay goods.

I still have a few more bits to put on there. I just forgot how long it takes to list items.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Wishing S/S 2011

Budgeting is hard.

Especially when hints of the new seasons clothing & accessories are beginning to pop up.

Especially, especially when the following rules apply:

  1. If you see something that you love/want in your size in the following stores Topshop, ASOS, River Island, Zara, you cannot wait for payday, you cannot wait and 'think' about it, you must buy now, or forever trawl eBay in vain hoping that someone might be selling said item for a reasonable price. 
  2. By the time the British weather decides that it might like to be 'hot' for one day, all the stores will have there A/W stock in. 
  3. Or we'll have a freak heat wave in April/May and you won't have bought anything to wear yet. 
It makes it 10 times harder when I'm off on holiday next month to somewhere hot, and actually have a reason to purchase bikinis and summer dresses, but don't have the funds. 

Still I've spent the day sorting out a few bits and bobs to sell on eBay. I'll link once I've put them up in case you want a nosey. I'm feeling that with the combined sales of these said bits, I might be able to afford one or two of the pieces below that I'm currently coveting. 

1. Rodial Skinny Beach Stick - I use the Glamtox sticks last year and they were super effective. These are said to give you a 'slim, toned, ready-to-tan body'. Reviews are pretty good, and they are on offer at the moment. I really, really want to try these before my holidays.

2. River Island Pink Print Bikini top. Super cute pattern, plus bandeau's flatter my non-chest. Probably would just make do with the top and match it with some plain black bottoms, I prefer mix and matching my bikinis. I am under the deluded impression it makes my torso looker, and thus slimmer. Ha

3. Topshop MOTO High Waisted Sorbet Jamie Jeans - MUST get a pair of sorbet colour skinnies this season. Mint or peach would be fab. I like Topshop jeans as they generally fit well, and on a good day I can squeeze myself into a size 25 waist, uncomfortable, but worth it. 

4. ASOS Cut Out One Piece - I'm fascinated by all the different cut-out swimsuits that are around at the moment. But as I have no boobs, they are pretty much a no go. I'm thinking a low v-style might not look too bad, plus I love black and white stripes and the style of the back on this is cute. 

5. Ray-Ban Emma Sunglasses - I have a couple of Ray-Ban Aviators but the thin wire and design of them is a nightmare at the pool, wet hair gets tangled in them like nobody's business. I was tempted to get a pair of Wayfarers last year, but I think these are a little bit different, and slightly cheaper!

6. ASOS Leath and Suede Satchel - I'd love a satchel style bag and as I don't think a Mulberry Alexa is going to materialise for me this year, this is a pretty lovely alternative. No?

7. River Island Light Green Peep Toes - And lastly, I don't think I can go on without these. I just adore them. What a pop of colour they'd add. And how super, duper amazing would they look with a tan. And how appropriate would they be on my holiday to Ibiza that I accidentally just booked? Le Sigh. 

Anyone else got S/S in there sights?

Monday, 9 January 2012

Feel Beauty Box - January

Just a little preview of my January Beauty Box. I won't go into details as loads of others will (and probably do it better than me)

The whole theme of the box this month is 'New Year, New You', not exactly ground breaking, but I like it all the same.

Items included:

Lierac Creme Mesolift Anti-Aging Radiance
Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing
Caudalie Vinotherapie Nourishing Body Lotion
Phyto PhytoBaume Color Protecy Express Conditioner
'this works' Clean Skin for the Face

Bloody hell, why do companies feel the need to make there product names so long?

All these samples are useful, but not exactly exciting. Probably my least favourite month so far, but I am looking forward to trying them all out. Still, I cannot deny how excited I am to received my box through the door every month!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hooty Hoo

So we accidentally bought a new dress. Not in the budget may I add. In my defence I never meant to keep it.

You see, I have a ASOS premier subscription (which is well worth getting) that provides free next day delivery. So I kind of use ASOS as my own personal catalogue. Order something, try it on, send it back (sorry Mr Delivery man). The process of trying of clothes just makes me happier, which is one of my New Years Resoutions, so it all makes sense (?)

Anyway I saw this dress and thought it was cute. At the same time I happened to get an invite for my friends birthday drinks. So the two married up and therefore I had to keep the dress.

Do you like my excuse?

Dress - ASOS
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - River Island
Belt - New Look
Rings - ASOS
Badly tanned knees - Models own...

May I add that the dress is pretty short. I have it in a size 6 but probably should have ordered a size 8, somebody forgot that they'd spent all the last 3 weeks munching on mince pies.....


Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and New Years. Mine was pretty quiet, but lovely all the same. I worked Christmas day from 1.30pm onwards so I spent the morning flitting around in order to see my boyfriend and my parents. My boyfriend surprised me with a holiday to Oman. We will be staying here, in February. So excited.

For New Years I spent the long weekend up in London at my boyfriends. We just went out for a meal on New Years eve and watched the fireworks from his flat. It was lovely to spend a bit of time with him.

Anyway. Onto a fresh year!

I’ve got a whole bunch of resolutions this year, so I thought I’d share them (and writing them down makes it harder to forget them too)

  1. Save money. I read somewhere that it’s advised that you should have 3 months wages saved up for a rainy day. That sounds a lot, but it makes sense. I know I can save, but last year I saved up and then blew it all. Oops. I want to get a chunk to saving behind me, then I can start to save up for the more important things, like Chanel bags….

  1. Move to London. I’ve always wanted to live in London. My boyfriend lives there, I love the buzz and there are a lot more job opportunities, plus I’m at the age where I’m desperate to move out and away from my parents security. I’m thinking this may be more of a late 2012/2013 thing, but I’d at least like to get the ball rolling this year.

  1. Be nicer. I’m so negative and such a moany old cow most of the time. I know it’s a bit difficult to change who you are, but I think I’ve just got to be more positive.

  1. Do one thing a day that makes me happy. Will help with number 3! Whether its spending 5 minutes reading a favourite magazine, helping an old lady with there shopping or eating a biscuit when I know I shouldn’t be. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts.

  1. Be more frugal. Got to stop impulse buying! I need to work on being a bit more inventive with clothes, rather than wearing them the same old way. 

I’ve set myself a weekly budget and just purchased the ‘My Weekly Budget’ app on my phone. It’s pretty basic, but very useful and I’m under my budget this week. So it’s a good start!  

Sorry my New Years post is a bit late. Unfortunately, that’s just me!

Any resolutions?


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