Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lip Service

I've have been thinking about having my lips 'done' for a while. I hadn't really done much research on it but I knew I wanted a fuller pout. A month or so ago my boyfriends mum gave me a leaflet on 'Juvederm', a kind of lip filler, and told me she knew of a lady who performed it. Me being me decided to book an appointment pretty much there and then for the next week. I did a little Google research after and decided it seemed pretty safe.

I won't go into the ins and outs of the how process because you can find a look better information if you Google it but I thought some people may be interested in the results.

I only had my top lip filled as I'm pretty happy with my bottom one already and I used 1 vial of Juvederm which I believe to be 0.8ml.

Surprisingly it didn't hurt, I always thought lips were so sensitive but this particular filler has local anaesthetic in, you feel a tiny prick as the needle goes in but then the whole area becomes numb.

Anyway, onto the results:


I didn't realise until the lady told me that my lips were uneven! Ha, it's pretty noticeable in this picture. She basically told me to even them out she'd put a tiny bit less in the bigger side, but did warn me that they might still look uneven.

Immediately afterwards

They looked pretty good straight away, but obviously they are slight swollen.

Day 2

She told me I was unlikely to bruise, but look at those badboys! Tradge! Luckily they were mostly in the inner part of my lips and I was working night shifts that week so didn't scare too many people with my fishy lips.

3 weeks afterwards

The swelling went down after a week, but I just didn't get a chance to picture them until now! This picture is not very good, but they are pretty even now.

The difference is not massive, and I don't think you'd look at me and be like, 'she's had her lips done' but I notice it and I'm really pleased. The results are supposed to last around nine months the first time and then yearly after that, and I think I'll continue to have them done!

Lastly, so you can see them in action....

If you are thinking about having your lips filled then I'd give you the following advice.

  • Research your practitioner - I'm lucky I found a good one, but it could have gone horribly wrong!
  • Make sure they use a filler with local anaesthetic in, I know there's loads of different types out there and they all have there negatives and positives, you can find a wealth on info by Googling it, but I reckon without the anaesthetic it would sting like a bitch, and I usually have quite a good pain tolerance!
  • It takes at least a week until your lips look 'normal', I didn't realise that my lips would be numb for so long. It was a week before I actually eat properly!
  • You may also develop a lisp, me and the letter 'p' were enemies for a while.
  • Do them for yourself. Most of my friends and family, including my boyfriend thought I was an idiot for getting them done, but I don't care, I wanted them done, and I like them and to me that's all that matters! Now the swelling has gone down, everyone (except my Mum, who threatened to throw me out the house, haha) has agreed that they look good (or they are all lying?!)

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment box. Or give me your views, bad or good!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


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