Monday, 31 January 2011

Things I've learnt this week 24th - 30th Jan 2011

Good weekend ladies?

This post was meant for yesterday but I spent all weekend at my boyfriends in London so couldn't really post (he doesn't know about my blog....shhhhh)


Snog, Marry, Avoid? Is back on TV. Actually I'm a bit late on the bandwagon as it been back for a few weeks.

Image (

If you haven't seen it then you must. You can watch it on BBC Iplayer here.

So tacky, but so amazing. I thought I wore a lot of make-up, fake tan etc. but these girls are extreme! I love the fact that they go around like it so happily, it's pretty brave!

My guilty pleasure!


Payday!!! 'Nuff said!

 Image (

December to January paydays are always the longest gap, and I've bee struggling to not buy things. I already have a wish list for next month.....

Also it means that January is almost over. Yay! Bring on February.


Leopard print nails are so much easier than they look!

I did my toenails in leopard spots a while back using crackle polish but I googled how to do leopard print nails and found this blog which had a step-by-step guide.

Took my about 20minutes and I'm pretty happy with the results, the black probably should have been slightly thicker, but I'll know next time!

What do you think?!


Oh my goodness I have found a new found love for Greek pastries, baklava.

 Image (

I went to a Lebanese restaurant on Saturday - called Noura - gorgeous food. I was so stuffed at the end but they brought baklava over with the bill at the end. My boyfriend was raving about them, and I was like 'nahhh I've had them before, too sweet' but he persuaded me so I had a nibble. YUM. I stole them all and put them in a tissue in my handbag. Haha, what a tramp I am. But seriously I am obsessed now.

Anyone know of any good baklava shops in London?!

Oh and lastly if anyone cares I am selling a few bits on eBay, only clothes though, I had a bit of a clear out! Check it out here - eBay

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Answers on a Postcard, please!



I got this dress in two colours. Unfortunately they were out of stock of the cream in normal sizing, so I had to go petite!

I like the cream slightly more, but it's shorter and tighter and I really wanted to wear my new shoes that only go with the navy. Or do I just go for another dress, it's not a dress that I would usually choose! Plus it has an open back which I didn't realise when I ordered, which would render me bra-less (not that I have anything to put in a bra anyway!). I have to have an outfit by Friday eve, so help me, please?!

P.s. The dress is from ASOS here

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Nails Inc Lucky dip results!

Last Friday (14th) Nails Inc did a one off promotion. Pay £10 get a lucky dip of 5 nail polishes. Well I say lucky dip of 5 but actually you got either a top or bottom coat and you defiantly got Chelsea Park Gardens so really you got a lucky dip of 3. Still pretty good considering Nails Inc polishes retail for £10 a pop. And as a bonus I had a 20% discount code so it cost £8! Well £11.95 including delivery

But they came sharpish in this fab jiffy bag. Amazing, right?

L-R Chelsea Park Gardens, Aspen, Soho, London Nights and Brixton (top coat)

I'm pretty happy with my colours! But then again I like all Nails Inc colour so it's not that surprising!

I swatched in some dodge lighting.

Chelsea Park Gardens.

Described as an iridescent Pink. It reminds me of a pair of Lycra cycling shorts I had for my Barbie doll years ago. It actually dries matte which is both weird and cool at the same time, although with a top coat it gets it's shine back. Good in 2 coats. I like this a lot, in fact I'm putting it on my tootsies as we speak


Now I'm not usually a red nail polish kind of girl. I just find them, well, a little bit dull. I wouldn't have chose this colour but it has such a gorgeous sheen to it, very, very tiny red glitter particles. Really pretty. A good Christmas colour! Surprising good coverage in just 1 coat too.


The most difficult to photograph. I love this in the bottle, its almost a baby pink with fine gold glitter in. But on the nail it just doesn't cut it. I had to do 4 coats in order to get a good colour and even then it's very pale. Not a winner in my books

London Nights

A black! Fab I really needed a black, my Barry M ones had all dried up. Not much else to say. Good in 2 coats

And lastly a top coat. I didn't photograph because, what's the point? Strangely it has a tester sticker on top! Er, weird. It's obviously not been used but I mean come on Nails Inc, you could have at least peeled it off!

Anyway I'm about 80% happy with my lucky dip, not bad, not bad!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thing's I've learnt this week 17th - 23rd Jan 2011


Turns out you can eat Lush's BubbleGum Lip Scrub! I was sneakily licking away at it thinking it might be slowing dissolving my insides. But I asked the girl behind the counter in Lush and she OK'd me for the sugarfest!

What's that? A tongue print? (sorry I'm gross)


Nothing feels better that a clean and tidy make-up draw.....but nothing is more tedious than cleaning out your make-up draw.

Look - how pretty!


You can go out with the tags still in clothes without anyone noticing.

I did with twice this week, once accidentally and the other time on purpose. Remember me saying how I'd keep the tag in my new jacket for a little while longer here? Well I did, and I wore it out as a little tester! Suffice to say I will now be taking the tag out and keeping it, as I didn't see anyone else in it! The second time this week was in a top, luckily I noticed when I went in a changing room to try stuff on and I'm pretty sure the tag was hidden well away, so I got away with it!

Sorry Vanessa. I like your hat though


I don't like Coke/diet Coke/diet Cherry Coke, I want to like Coke but I just can't. But I do like the nail varnishes that come with said fizzy drinks.


Anyone for some free Coke?

What are your revelations this week girls?

Friday, 21 January 2011

Murder by Heels - OOTD

I finally found an area in my house that worked for a full length photo without using a mirror. Woop!!

Regardless I still look stupid but you can see my outfit properly this time.

Top - H&M
Jacket - Topshop
Fur collar - H&M
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Hat - H&M
Necklace - River Island

Would you guess that I like Topshop and H&M lots?

Props to me for walking about 3 miles around London and the from the train station (which is a 20 minute walk up a hill) in these beautiful but lethal heels. 5 inches of sheer pain. My feet were bleeding when I took them off, probably because 'these heels weren't made for walking', but when you never dress sensibly, like me, then that is the kind of suffering you have to put up with.

(please ignore the hat, its supposed to be a trilby but it actually looks like a bloody halo from that angle! Unfortuantly I'm not that angelic!)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


One of these days I'll be able to save. But not anyday soon

Heels - Topshop - £70

Swoon.....In my defence though, they were the only pair left in the shop and they just happened to be my size. Must be fate

Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees

Not many people spell my name right. And not many nail companies name products after me.

So a big THANKS OPI!

Hahaha. No I'm kidding I just happen to have the same name as the 'Executive VP & Artistic Director of OPI Products Inc.' (Suzi Weiss-Fischmann)

But nail colours are 10 times more pretty if they include your name in them!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Review - Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

Depending on who's blogs/vblogs you read/watch, you might have heard of Vichy. Also if you are European, you probably know about it too. But for those who are relatively new or had never heard about the brand then here's something I copied and pasted about it from Wikipedia (sorry, I know you should never use Wiki as as source!)

"Vichy ("Vichy Laboratoires") is a premium brand of dermo-cosmetics owned by L'Oréal under its Active Cosmetics division and is sold exclusively in pharmacies. Thermal spa water from the hot springs of the town of Vichy, France, is the only water source used in its formulations. The company was founded in 1931."

I originally heard about it from this fabulous lady and if you haven't heard or watched Lisa Eldridge work her magic then you MUST. I watched this video about acne covering with lots of interest and decided that I must buy the Vichy Dermablend foundation (along with the Clinique redness solution's). This was just before Christmas and at the time I could only find it online and a lot of the colours were out of stock, plus what with buying Christmas present I didn't really have the money. Also I was very happy with my Clinique foundation so I just forgot about Vichy.

Last week I was having a mooch around Boots when I found a whole Vichy stand! I think this is a relatively new thing from Boots as I've never seen it before. So I pounced on the foundations! The problem is that they were in boxes with no testers making colour matching a bit difficult (this might not be the same for your Boots though, I went into another Boots this week that did have testers) luckily I chose wisely and the colour is pretty perfect for my skin!

So, onto the product

It is marketed as 'Corrective foundation' so in my eyes is best for skin that needs correcting i.e. redness, acne, scarring. My skin is pretty gross, I suffer with blackheads, whiteheads and spots underneath the surface. My cheeks are the worst area, so I've decided to show you guys a before and after.

I chose the colour Nude (25), my skin colour is naturally quite light, but I use fake-tan and like to wear my face products as dark as I can get away with. I usually wear a NW25 in MAC. Vichy only comes in 5 colours which is a bit rubbish, but you can always mix!

The foundation is a liquid and so goes on best with a foundation brush or stippler in my opinion. It gives a full coverage and I would almost say its more like a concealer than a foundation but without the caked-on-feeling you often get with concealers. I've been using it alongside a lighter foundation and using over areas that need a particularly heavy covering. What I really like about this foundation is that you don't need to layer it on, it just gives a full coverage from the first application. This means that it feels light and fresh on the face.

So you can see what kind of coverage it gives, below is a picture of my face naked, then with MAC studio fix foundation on (which I'd say gives a heavy coverage) and then with Vichy Dermablend. I took these pictures in the same light on the same day with no other products on.

I'm sorry I'm subjecting you to my awful skin, its in the name of beauty I tell you! Also please click on the picture to enlarge - you get a much better idea!

So what do you think? I can defiantly see a difference! Although MAC SF covers there are still a couple of red areas, with Vichy they've practically disappeared!

So would I recommend it?

Yes! Since buying this product I've pretty much gone concealer free (apart from eye bags!) and whats gorgeous about it is that it can be worn everyday. MAC SF is probably the heaviest foundation I own but I wouldn't wear it day-to-day because it's almost mask like. Whereas I've been wearing Vichy to work and everyday since I purchase it, it lasts really well and I've been getting home and looking in the mirror, and thinking 'wow, my face still looks perfect'

Any negatives?

The colour selection is one, like I said I found the perfect colour in Nude, but you might not be so lucky. It's worth trying to mix colour though! Other then that, nothing. Even the price is good £14.30 for 30mls

You can buy it here

Let me know what you think if you've tried it!

Monday, 17 January 2011

FOTD - Cinema trip

I went to the cinema in the week with a friend. We went to see Love & Other Drugs with Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal in. I've wanted to see it since I saw the trailer. It was really, really, bad, so cheesy and lame. Not a recommendation from me at all!

But I decided to do my eyes and make-up a bit funky. I couldn't be bothered to take my make-up off from during the day, so just piled it on over the top. It's not very good but it's a try so here we go.

 Without flash

With flash.


UD Naked Palette - Sin & Toasted
MAC eyeshawdow - Jest
Lancome eyeliner
UD Glide on eye pencil in Whisky
Benefit Badgirl mascara


MAC amplified in Full Fuchsia

Really bad. But I never use brown eyeliner so I thought I'd show it off.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Filling a hole, and opening another right back up

Last week I went to the dentist, just for an innocent little check up and tooth polish? Sadly not. My dentist found a dreaded hole and also managed to make time for me to have it filled in during the appointment. I have no problem with dentists, fillings or injections. But the three of them together is a little bit overkill. Especially as the injection of local anaesthetic in my gum not only made my cheek and mouth numb, but also my whole neck and tongue. I was like a big slobbering mess, it was tres tragic.

As I was feeling so very sorry for myself, I decided to go shopping. So there we have it, my resolution to save money this year has already crashed and burned. I'd actually sneakily been eyeing up these beauts

River Island £59.99

Or a similar pair from Topshop. I like loafers, especially loafers with heels. But, alas, it was not to be, neither my local River Island or Topshop stocked them, so they'll have to be on the wish list until I shop further afield.

No matter though, because instead I got all this.

Topshop (and a smidge of H&M) haul

......but wait? What's that snakeskin print thing in the corner....a top?.....a scarf?......wait a minute, it's it? YES! It is ladies and gents, that is a pair of bonafide snakeskin print leggings......Oh I see....slowly edges away.

Let me just give an explanation here. I have been keen on buying a pair of patterned trousers/leggings for a while now but never really gave it much thought in terms of patterns. So I saw these and thought, ah ha! Printed leggings, and proceeded to carry them around the store without trying them on. When I got to the till they happened to, kind of be, still in my hands.......

Oh snakeskin leggings , how I want to hate you, but when I put you on you make me feel like doing some kind of crazy interpretive dance, you are so comfy and have given me an illusion of a slightly bigger arse. Which must mean they are magical leggings. Let me just show you my leggings on, so you too can marvel in there glory

Granted they are ridiculous. I have limited options to wear with them and realistically they can't be worn that often without people being like 'oh, there's that nutter again in her snakeskin leggings', plus I dread to think what my boyfriend will say. But they were £22 so I don't care. Even if they never see the light of day I'll still be wearing them for my in room dance sessions. 

Conveniently they also match with my new Topshop jacket, kinda seen in the above pictures and here.

 Image from

If ever a jacket wanted to be leather it's this jacket. So soft, almost buttery. But leather it is not, not for £58 it isn't anyway. This in black leather is my idea jacket, as the shearling detail is removable, but this in beige plastic is pretty nice too. I think I might just keep the tag on for a bit though, I'm a bit scared that I'll find everybody has this jacket, because of the price and the fact I found it in my local Topshop, which isn't very big.

Also in the line up are a pair of ribbed knitted cream over-the-knee socks. I actually want a pair of tights like this but I'm not really having much luck, so these will suffice until I do.

Lastly a felt trilbly style hat, £7.95, H&M, I like that it's plain. And cheap!

So did I get over my filling? Yes, but it left a big hole in my purse!

Light Fantastic

This page is from Elle - January Edition. I took a photograph rather than scanned because I am lazy.

I love everything on this page - the colours also make me think summer is coming!
The Tom Ford sunglasses are top of my wish list. I can't find them online though, not sure if they are out yet!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Year of the Brush - January

Welcome to my first month of my Year of the Brush!

Obviously I start the brush buying with the two brushes I wanted the most. The 187 and the 210

187 - Large duo-fibre brush

Ah the 187, my saviour! I've used this for stippling my foundation, it gives me a really smooth coverage. I particularly find it fab for layering up my foundation. Generally I'll apply a thin layer of foundation all over using my finger tips then use this brush with extra product over areas that are a little bit spotty or red. Works a treat as it doesn't give a streaky appearance like some flat foundation brushes

So should you go buy it?

If your skin is anything like mine (spotty, scarred, uneven) then a big fat YES. If you need a good coverage then it is fabulous at layering up foundation and gives a flawless finish. If you have pretty good skin already and just use foundation as an enhancement then I'd say it's not really necessary, finger tips or a cheaper version will suffice. It is one of the most expensive MAC brushes, but for me its worth it. Cheaper alternatives? Try Sigma F50ELF studio stipple brush or Crowns C406

210 - precision eyeliner

The 210 is described by MAC as a 'precision eyeliner' which I'd defiantly say was true. I'm a big fan of gel eyeliner and have previously been using the 209 brush, which is slightly bigger but it wasn't really cutting it in the inner corners of my eyes. The 210 brush gives a thin neat line all over the eyelid and a perfect thin flick at the out corner. Great for everyday eyeliner-ing! I still have a place in my heart for the 209 though, as it gives a thicker 'flick' which I love for a night out.

So should you go buy it?

If you use gel or cream eyeliner then, yes, no question. You'd be hard pushed to find a better alternative on the market.

Already planning my next month brush buys!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby

Last weekend me and a few girlfriends went up to London for my friends birthday. She booked for us to go ice skating at Somerset House and then for cocktails after. We had a fabulous, if a little tiring, night! I thought I'd just do a little outfit and make-up post on what I wore.

Would you believe that it is very hard to dress for cocktails and ice skating? You would? Oh, okay then.

On one hand I wanted to be warm but on the other hand I like to dress up for bars. As it goes, looking good always wins over comfort for me. I am never ever warm! Although saying that I didn't do too bad at keeping warm and ice skating is surprisingly hard work so I built up a little bit of warmth!

So here, my lovelies, is what I wore

It goes without saying that the pictures are rubbish as usual but you get the gist, I hope! (you can click on the pictures to enlarge, I think!)

Jacket - Primark
Fur Collar - H&M
Leopard print top - Topshop
Cardie (just seen) - H&M
Jeans - True Religion
Heels - Topshop
Leather biker gloves - River Island

I decided that rather than wearing a big coat, layers would be better. I would have liked to have worn a fur coat if I could have found one, but I made do instead with my new fur collar, it performed well in keeping my neck toasty! I wore it over my trusty fake leather Primark jacket which I've had for years. I'm not a fan of Primark nowadays, but this jacket has done me proud! The edges are wearing now but I'm hoping it looks like distressed leather! ha ha. I've been looking everywhere for a new leather jacket, proper leather, but I can't find any that fit the bill. Plus most of them this year have be aviator style, which I love but it dates quickly.

Anyway I digress, this is a OOTD not a shopping ramble!

These are probably one of my favourite pair of shoes, I only got them a few months ago when I realised I had no sensible black shoes. The reason I love them so much is the shape of the toes, it's really round so makes my feet look small, plus they are suede, have a hidden platform and are very comfy. They still sell them in Topshop I believe, but are out of stock online

So that was the clothes. Now for my face. Pictures again aren't very good, and I'm not wearing very exciting make-up but I haven't done a proper face post here so here we go.

Before I start I just want to apologise for my lippy looking so awful, I was just testing it to see whether I want to go with red lips and so put it on rubbish then just left it! I did go with red lips in the end and applied it a little better!

So here is the full list of what I used


Benefit 'That Girl' primer
Clinique Redness Solutions foundation in calming neutral
YSL Perfect Touch foundation in 6
MAC Pro Longwear foundation in NW25
YSL Touche Eclat
MAC Pro Longwear concealer in NW 20
Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in translucent
Benefit Hoola
The Body Shop Baked-to-last bronzer in warm glow
Benefit Dallas
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl
Topshop cream blush in neon rose
Nars Orgasm


No.7 Beautiful Brows pencil in black/brown
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Urban Decay Sin, Naked and Sidecar (from the Naked palette)
MAC Eyeshadow in Ricepaper
Lancome Le Crayon Khol in Noir
Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Black Ink
Barry M liquid eyeliner in no.1
Urban Decay Eyelash Primer Potion
Benefit Bad Girl Lash
Eylure lashes - ? which ones!


Revlon Fire and Ice lipstick

Phew that is a long list of stuff, no wonder it takes so long for me to put it on!!

As for the night out, it was really fun. Somerset House is definitely the best place to skate in London during the Winter and they do sessions right up to 11pm on weekends!

It's lovely at night because the lights look so pretty and they have a DJ, also there was plenty of good looking guys there, I reckon it would be an ideal place to meet someone, accidentally fall over in front of them! Haha. I would 100% go again. Oh God am I giving dating advice now? I really should shut up!

After ice skating we went to a Cocktail bar in Shoreditch, as reccomended by my boyfriend (no, I didn't find him on the ice!) it was called Lounge Lover and I wish I'd got some photos of the place. But you'll have to take my word and go there. So gorgeous, the decor is amazing! Plus the cocktail list is huge. I'm a massive cocktail lover and they were delicious. You have to book tables really, but go on the website and check it out, I'm not affiliated with them, promise! I just know a good cocktail when I taste one! Try the Rock Candy and Black Diamond Sour, delicious!

Me drinking a Rock Candy, which comes with a marshmellow floating in it. SUPER (psst. I'm not that orange IRL it's just the lighting/camera!)

So there you have it guys and girls, my super long OOTD. MOTD, and review of a night out!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

2011 - Year of the Brush

"An artist's best asset is her tools"

That's why this year I've decided to make it my year of the brush. 

The idea is to replace my half decent but old/mostly naff brush collection with shiny new MAC brushes. As much as I love new brush, I would much rather buy a lovely lip gloss or eyeshadow from MAC, so this year I've decided to buy two MAC brushes a month, and stick to it!

I've chosen MAC because I feel they are the best. Yes, Sigma are good and I would be pretty happy with a full collection but MAC are the real McCoy! 

I already have three MAC brushes, the 188, 242 and 209

It may not be the most exciting thing for you guys to see through the year. But 24 brushes equal 24 reviews and I hope it might help you too! I chose to do it over a year because MAC brushes are pretty pricey and my other resolution this year was to pay off my overdraft and start saving some money up!

Monday, 10 January 2011

This Can Only Mean One Thing Girls.....

MAC spree!

My sister was away for Christmas this year, but made up for it on her return, by presenting me with this MAC gift card!

Soap and Some Fur

Here is said haul from last weeks sale/meant to be getting birthday presents/oops accidently shopped for me trip! Like I said not very exciting.

Krispy Kreme is probably the most exciting thing here, and let me tell you, it was gooood.

Top - H&M Fake fur collar. L-R Krispy Kreme doughnut (hole with sprinkles, in case you wondered), No. 7 eyebrow pencil, Lush Karma bubble bar, Lush Cinders bath ballistic, Lush Figs and Leaves soap, Lush Oatifix facemask. 

See? Not exciting.....

Still, as it's you guys, I'll do a little review of everything

H&M Fake Fur Collar

I don't have a good picture of this, it didn't photograph very well. But I do have an outfit post with it coming up soon. It's basically just a large piece of brown fur with a clasp at the front. I actually was attempting to buy a brown fur coat but couldn't find one, so this was next best. It's actually amazing, looks great over jackets and macs and sort of gives my old jackets a new lease of life. Very pleased, £10 well spent!

No.7 Beautiful Brows pencil in 10 black/brown

This will forever and always be my eyebrow pencil of choice. I am severely lacking in the eyebrow department and have used this pencil for years. I like the texture of it, it goes on some smooth making it easy to use. Plus it's only £2.50 with the Boots £5 off No.7 vouchers that they do all the time.


Karma Bubble Bar

My favourite Lush smell. So fresh, it's gorgeous. I actually got the Gorilla Perfume for Christmas in Karma too which is equally as amazing. Makes the bath bubbly and orange. You need this in your life!

Cinders Ballistic

I won't say much on this as it's Christmas stock, it was half price. Smells like Christmas candy, so yum. They bring it out every Christmas I believe. Put it on your wish list for next Xmas!

Figs and Leaves

I've never brought a Lush soap before. I'm not a hard soap kinda girl. But this was half price too and smelt lovely. I like figs a lot, plus it promised to soften skin. I used it in the bath the other day and was pretty happy with it. Looks pretty grim though! It's inspired me to used soap more often, haha, I sound like I'm really dirty or something! I mean soap rather that shower gel!

Oatifix Facemask


I have expressed my love for facemasks before. This is soothing, smells like flapjack mixture, I am tempted to eat some, probably not wise though. Just softens and makes skin feel nice.

I also recieved my order from HQHair last week. They had a 30% off sale after Christmas, which was fab because it included Nars. Unfortuantly the Nars products I wanted were out of stock so I just got few bits and pieces. I'm silly for not getting more but I think I was in a rush at the time and wanted to get my order in before the offer ran out.

May I just comment on how good HQHair is, they do some really hard to find products on there and shipping is usually free and super fast.

Murad Hydrating Toner

I've never used Murad products before, but have heard good things. 

I needed a new toner and wasn't sure where to go for one, but I saw this one on the website, it looked good and I'm trying to step away from drying, spot killing, all singing, all dancing toners as I don't think they are helping me. 

Whats weird about this toner is that it's a spray! I've never used a spray toner, I have to psych myself up on cold mornings to spray it on my face as it make me chilly! Actually though it's a pretty good idea, the pump does well at covering all my face in the toner, then you just wipe it with a cotton pad (or you can just let it dry, lets just say I don't have time to let things air dry in the morning!) and I guess you could say it is invigorating! It's hard for me to comment on the effectiveness of it because I've only been using for a week but it's very gentle on my skin, makes it feel very clean and smells really good. Plus the spray action means that you use less so it lasts longer. Seriously I've only used the tiniest amount in the bottle so far! I'm sticking with it for now. I'm quite intrigued to try more Murad products. Anyone have any experience in them?

Butter London nail polish in Henley Regatta

Butter London is another product I've heard lots about, mainly from this lovely lady, but never used. I'm not sure where you can buy it from shop wise, I've never seen it in any stores, but it's easy to come by on the web. It boosts being '3 free' i.e. no nasties and is a mid to high end polish costing £10 a bottle. 

I chose this colour, because, er, well it's gorgeous?! I cannot resist a bit of glitter! I haven't painted all my nails in it yet but in desperate to do my tootsies. So far on the one thumb nail I swatched, no chipping, 2-3 coats needed for coverage and a lovely sheen without a topcoat (but do remember it is a shiny glitter!)

Another brand that I'm interested in now, will defiantly purchase some more colours!


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