Tuesday, 11 January 2011

2011 - Year of the Brush

"An artist's best asset is her tools"

That's why this year I've decided to make it my year of the brush. 

The idea is to replace my half decent but old/mostly naff brush collection with shiny new MAC brushes. As much as I love new brush, I would much rather buy a lovely lip gloss or eyeshadow from MAC, so this year I've decided to buy two MAC brushes a month, and stick to it!

I've chosen MAC because I feel they are the best. Yes, Sigma are good and I would be pretty happy with a full collection but MAC are the real McCoy! 

I already have three MAC brushes, the 188, 242 and 209

It may not be the most exciting thing for you guys to see through the year. But 24 brushes equal 24 reviews and I hope it might help you too! I chose to do it over a year because MAC brushes are pretty pricey and my other resolution this year was to pay off my overdraft and start saving some money up!


Rebecca said...

Good Brushes = Good Make-up, You'll realise when you get a good collection of brushes and will wonder why you never got them sooner... I did anyway! xx

Suzi said...

I was pretty happy with my crappy brush set, but know I've started to get some decent ones I can 100% see the difference! It is worth it! x


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