Thursday, 27 January 2011

Answers on a Postcard, please!



I got this dress in two colours. Unfortunately they were out of stock of the cream in normal sizing, so I had to go petite!

I like the cream slightly more, but it's shorter and tighter and I really wanted to wear my new shoes that only go with the navy. Or do I just go for another dress, it's not a dress that I would usually choose! Plus it has an open back which I didn't realise when I ordered, which would render me bra-less (not that I have anything to put in a bra anyway!). I have to have an outfit by Friday eve, so help me, please?!

P.s. The dress is from ASOS here


Melanie said...

Ooo on first looking at it I was going to say definately the cream, but I like the navy too! Can't you keep both....? I think the cream one you could possibly do more with, as "nudes" are quite versatile...

Suzi said...

Waa! I can't keep both - I'm supposed to be saving. I'm still undecided!


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