Monday, 31 January 2011

Things I've learnt this week 24th - 30th Jan 2011

Good weekend ladies?

This post was meant for yesterday but I spent all weekend at my boyfriends in London so couldn't really post (he doesn't know about my blog....shhhhh)


Snog, Marry, Avoid? Is back on TV. Actually I'm a bit late on the bandwagon as it been back for a few weeks.

Image (

If you haven't seen it then you must. You can watch it on BBC Iplayer here.

So tacky, but so amazing. I thought I wore a lot of make-up, fake tan etc. but these girls are extreme! I love the fact that they go around like it so happily, it's pretty brave!

My guilty pleasure!


Payday!!! 'Nuff said!

 Image (

December to January paydays are always the longest gap, and I've bee struggling to not buy things. I already have a wish list for next month.....

Also it means that January is almost over. Yay! Bring on February.


Leopard print nails are so much easier than they look!

I did my toenails in leopard spots a while back using crackle polish but I googled how to do leopard print nails and found this blog which had a step-by-step guide.

Took my about 20minutes and I'm pretty happy with the results, the black probably should have been slightly thicker, but I'll know next time!

What do you think?!


Oh my goodness I have found a new found love for Greek pastries, baklava.

 Image (

I went to a Lebanese restaurant on Saturday - called Noura - gorgeous food. I was so stuffed at the end but they brought baklava over with the bill at the end. My boyfriend was raving about them, and I was like 'nahhh I've had them before, too sweet' but he persuaded me so I had a nibble. YUM. I stole them all and put them in a tissue in my handbag. Haha, what a tramp I am. But seriously I am obsessed now.

Anyone know of any good baklava shops in London?!

Oh and lastly if anyone cares I am selling a few bits on eBay, only clothes though, I had a bit of a clear out! Check it out here - eBay


ellerosee said...


Suzi said...

I know, right?! But this season hasn't been quite as crazy as the rest!

ellerosee said...

I know; I have to admit some of them i think i prefered them with make-up or is that rude? i have to addmit it not there fault but... some of the outfits they have been putting them in this series! hmm not too impressed! x


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