Monday, 10 January 2011

Soap and Some Fur

Here is said haul from last weeks sale/meant to be getting birthday presents/oops accidently shopped for me trip! Like I said not very exciting.

Krispy Kreme is probably the most exciting thing here, and let me tell you, it was gooood.

Top - H&M Fake fur collar. L-R Krispy Kreme doughnut (hole with sprinkles, in case you wondered), No. 7 eyebrow pencil, Lush Karma bubble bar, Lush Cinders bath ballistic, Lush Figs and Leaves soap, Lush Oatifix facemask. 

See? Not exciting.....

Still, as it's you guys, I'll do a little review of everything

H&M Fake Fur Collar

I don't have a good picture of this, it didn't photograph very well. But I do have an outfit post with it coming up soon. It's basically just a large piece of brown fur with a clasp at the front. I actually was attempting to buy a brown fur coat but couldn't find one, so this was next best. It's actually amazing, looks great over jackets and macs and sort of gives my old jackets a new lease of life. Very pleased, £10 well spent!

No.7 Beautiful Brows pencil in 10 black/brown

This will forever and always be my eyebrow pencil of choice. I am severely lacking in the eyebrow department and have used this pencil for years. I like the texture of it, it goes on some smooth making it easy to use. Plus it's only £2.50 with the Boots £5 off No.7 vouchers that they do all the time.


Karma Bubble Bar

My favourite Lush smell. So fresh, it's gorgeous. I actually got the Gorilla Perfume for Christmas in Karma too which is equally as amazing. Makes the bath bubbly and orange. You need this in your life!

Cinders Ballistic

I won't say much on this as it's Christmas stock, it was half price. Smells like Christmas candy, so yum. They bring it out every Christmas I believe. Put it on your wish list for next Xmas!

Figs and Leaves

I've never brought a Lush soap before. I'm not a hard soap kinda girl. But this was half price too and smelt lovely. I like figs a lot, plus it promised to soften skin. I used it in the bath the other day and was pretty happy with it. Looks pretty grim though! It's inspired me to used soap more often, haha, I sound like I'm really dirty or something! I mean soap rather that shower gel!

Oatifix Facemask


I have expressed my love for facemasks before. This is soothing, smells like flapjack mixture, I am tempted to eat some, probably not wise though. Just softens and makes skin feel nice.

I also recieved my order from HQHair last week. They had a 30% off sale after Christmas, which was fab because it included Nars. Unfortuantly the Nars products I wanted were out of stock so I just got few bits and pieces. I'm silly for not getting more but I think I was in a rush at the time and wanted to get my order in before the offer ran out.

May I just comment on how good HQHair is, they do some really hard to find products on there and shipping is usually free and super fast.

Murad Hydrating Toner

I've never used Murad products before, but have heard good things. 

I needed a new toner and wasn't sure where to go for one, but I saw this one on the website, it looked good and I'm trying to step away from drying, spot killing, all singing, all dancing toners as I don't think they are helping me. 

Whats weird about this toner is that it's a spray! I've never used a spray toner, I have to psych myself up on cold mornings to spray it on my face as it make me chilly! Actually though it's a pretty good idea, the pump does well at covering all my face in the toner, then you just wipe it with a cotton pad (or you can just let it dry, lets just say I don't have time to let things air dry in the morning!) and I guess you could say it is invigorating! It's hard for me to comment on the effectiveness of it because I've only been using for a week but it's very gentle on my skin, makes it feel very clean and smells really good. Plus the spray action means that you use less so it lasts longer. Seriously I've only used the tiniest amount in the bottle so far! I'm sticking with it for now. I'm quite intrigued to try more Murad products. Anyone have any experience in them?

Butter London nail polish in Henley Regatta

Butter London is another product I've heard lots about, mainly from this lovely lady, but never used. I'm not sure where you can buy it from shop wise, I've never seen it in any stores, but it's easy to come by on the web. It boosts being '3 free' i.e. no nasties and is a mid to high end polish costing £10 a bottle. 

I chose this colour, because, er, well it's gorgeous?! I cannot resist a bit of glitter! I haven't painted all my nails in it yet but in desperate to do my tootsies. So far on the one thumb nail I swatched, no chipping, 2-3 coats needed for coverage and a lovely sheen without a topcoat (but do remember it is a shiny glitter!)

Another brand that I'm interested in now, will defiantly purchase some more colours!

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