Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Nails Inc Lucky dip results!

Last Friday (14th) Nails Inc did a one off promotion. Pay £10 get a lucky dip of 5 nail polishes. Well I say lucky dip of 5 but actually you got either a top or bottom coat and you defiantly got Chelsea Park Gardens so really you got a lucky dip of 3. Still pretty good considering Nails Inc polishes retail for £10 a pop. And as a bonus I had a 20% discount code so it cost £8! Well £11.95 including delivery

But they came sharpish in this fab jiffy bag. Amazing, right?

L-R Chelsea Park Gardens, Aspen, Soho, London Nights and Brixton (top coat)

I'm pretty happy with my colours! But then again I like all Nails Inc colour so it's not that surprising!

I swatched in some dodge lighting.

Chelsea Park Gardens.

Described as an iridescent Pink. It reminds me of a pair of Lycra cycling shorts I had for my Barbie doll years ago. It actually dries matte which is both weird and cool at the same time, although with a top coat it gets it's shine back. Good in 2 coats. I like this a lot, in fact I'm putting it on my tootsies as we speak


Now I'm not usually a red nail polish kind of girl. I just find them, well, a little bit dull. I wouldn't have chose this colour but it has such a gorgeous sheen to it, very, very tiny red glitter particles. Really pretty. A good Christmas colour! Surprising good coverage in just 1 coat too.


The most difficult to photograph. I love this in the bottle, its almost a baby pink with fine gold glitter in. But on the nail it just doesn't cut it. I had to do 4 coats in order to get a good colour and even then it's very pale. Not a winner in my books

London Nights

A black! Fab I really needed a black, my Barry M ones had all dried up. Not much else to say. Good in 2 coats

And lastly a top coat. I didn't photograph because, what's the point? Strangely it has a tester sticker on top! Er, weird. It's obviously not been used but I mean come on Nails Inc, you could have at least peeled it off!

Anyway I'm about 80% happy with my lucky dip, not bad, not bad!


Rebecca said...

love these I haven't had a black nail polish for ages and this looks so nice xxx

Rachel said...

The black and aspen look fab. You were really lucky with your selection I didn't go for it as I now have 2 boxes of 10 lol! I have the Chelsea Prk Grdns and I totally can't decide what I think of it being matte!!

Nails Inc promotional code said...


Love your blog! so sweet. i prefere flashy nail polish. I love the brand nail inc.
Good luck


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