Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thing's I've learnt this week 17th - 23rd Jan 2011


Turns out you can eat Lush's BubbleGum Lip Scrub! I was sneakily licking away at it thinking it might be slowing dissolving my insides. But I asked the girl behind the counter in Lush and she OK'd me for the sugarfest!

What's that? A tongue print? (sorry I'm gross)


Nothing feels better that a clean and tidy make-up draw.....but nothing is more tedious than cleaning out your make-up draw.

Look - how pretty!


You can go out with the tags still in clothes without anyone noticing.

I did with twice this week, once accidentally and the other time on purpose. Remember me saying how I'd keep the tag in my new jacket for a little while longer here? Well I did, and I wore it out as a little tester! Suffice to say I will now be taking the tag out and keeping it, as I didn't see anyone else in it! The second time this week was in a top, luckily I noticed when I went in a changing room to try stuff on and I'm pretty sure the tag was hidden well away, so I got away with it!

Sorry Vanessa. I like your hat though


I don't like Coke/diet Coke/diet Cherry Coke, I want to like Coke but I just can't. But I do like the nail varnishes that come with said fizzy drinks.


Anyone for some free Coke?

What are your revelations this week girls?

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