Sunday, 24 October 2010

The accidental purchase

On returning from my holiday about 2 weeks ago I have been slapping on body moisturiser like nobody's buisness in an effort to delay the inevitable....peeling and fading.

I have a few fail safe moisturisers, Palmers Cocoa Butter, The Body Shop body butter (any smell is good with me) and any Soap and Glory moisturiser. But I really begrudge spending much money on body moisturiser, I'm not quite sure why but I do. So when I ran out of my usuals I popped into my local Savers to find the cheapest moisturiser whose brand I had heard of. This is what I picked up

Huh? Doesn't look much like a moisturiser to me. Yes, that is exactly what I thought when I opened it up after my bath to slather on. That folks, is because it is not. Silly me picked up a body scrub instead. But what a fab little product it is.

Feels like its really working, without being too harsh (and I do like a rough scrub), but it moisturises at the same time, and it smells lush!

Good use of £1.79!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Shoppers Block

After very little sleep last night I set out for my shopping trip with a spring in my step, a song in my heart and a credit card in my purse.

I returned bags-o-plenty, but with a feeling of guilt on spending a little too much dosh. And as the bags have been opened and the new purchases flung on the floor, I'm actually starting to feel a bit depressed. The day had such promise......

So I got the aformentioned wedges. During my sleepless night I had already pretty much made up my mind that they were to be mine. I'm having second thoughts though, the colour is a beaut but they only really go with jeans and although I know they will be worn, will I actually get near £90 worth of wear out of them?

Whilst I was in River Island, I duelly noted that there sale had started today, I couldn't be bothered to go through the clothes section but had a browse through the sale shoes. Where I came across these boots. I've wanted a pair of flat, lace up boots for winter and these seemed like a good idea. Size 5, perfect. Random lady commented on how nice they looked. Gay SA (well I presumed he was gay, he was wearing UGGs) reassured me that, no, they didn't look like moon boots and that he was upset that they went on sale today as they were his favourite style. Plus the fact they were £30 (from £74.99) all equates to a purchase for me. However I overlooked the small detail of them being white. Can anyone get away with white boots? No. I think is the answer to that question. Perfect fitting and cheap or not these bad boys are going back to the store.

My last RI buy was a cape. Tricky to pull off but we all know capes are en Vogue for the season and it was £59.99. Unfortuantly I found it on the 'buy it now' rail or whatever its called. Alerting me to the fact that they only had one left, in a size 12. I usually wear size 6-8, but its a cape right? It's one size fits all surely? Plus the pipeing matches my new wedge/boots perfectly.....If I keep them

Oh and I also snaffled this ring, very McQueen, £4 and I cannot resist a ring, or 3.

My other purchases included a dress for saturday night (doesn't fit), YSL Touche Eclat (and 'Top Secret' eye depuffer, that I probably didn't need and got talked into buying) a very good copy of the Louis Vuitton leopard stole and a black tassle clutch (that is a little OTT in retrospect) both from H&M and a red riding hood halloween outfit (more on that later, possibly)

So I guess slightly sucessful, but overwhellmingly disappointing.


Ahhhh the good old blog. Many have been started and forgotten. I start this particular one due to the fact it is 00.26 and I cannot sleep. I've been struck down by the dreaded jetlag.'

"I don't get jetlag" I heard myself cry to my boyfriend, "I slept so well last night"

"The second night home is always the worst" said he.

He was, unfortunatly, correct.

Anyway I guess at least it gives me time to online shop. Regardless of the fact I have just been to Miami, where the sun is shining, the people are beautiful and the shopping is cheap (or cheaper than here). Also regardless of the fact that I brought two bursting suitcases home both over the weight limit. Bursting with clothes, shoes and Lucky Charms.

Still a girl can never have too many clothes, shoes or Lucky Charms.

These are the current shoes I wish for

I actually want them in the tan colour, but they don't have it on the website. But believe me, they are a real gorgeous buttery tan colour and fit perfectly. The only downside to these beauties is the fact they are almost below ankle height, exactly where my stick like legs are the 'stickiest', perfect for skinny jeans wear, but I'm doing the legging challenge with them tomorrow. That'll be the decider. The £84.99 decider.......


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