Thursday, 14 October 2010


Ahhhh the good old blog. Many have been started and forgotten. I start this particular one due to the fact it is 00.26 and I cannot sleep. I've been struck down by the dreaded jetlag.'

"I don't get jetlag" I heard myself cry to my boyfriend, "I slept so well last night"

"The second night home is always the worst" said he.

He was, unfortunatly, correct.

Anyway I guess at least it gives me time to online shop. Regardless of the fact I have just been to Miami, where the sun is shining, the people are beautiful and the shopping is cheap (or cheaper than here). Also regardless of the fact that I brought two bursting suitcases home both over the weight limit. Bursting with clothes, shoes and Lucky Charms.

Still a girl can never have too many clothes, shoes or Lucky Charms.

These are the current shoes I wish for

I actually want them in the tan colour, but they don't have it on the website. But believe me, they are a real gorgeous buttery tan colour and fit perfectly. The only downside to these beauties is the fact they are almost below ankle height, exactly where my stick like legs are the 'stickiest', perfect for skinny jeans wear, but I'm doing the legging challenge with them tomorrow. That'll be the decider. The £84.99 decider.......

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