Sunday, 24 October 2010

The accidental purchase

On returning from my holiday about 2 weeks ago I have been slapping on body moisturiser like nobody's buisness in an effort to delay the inevitable....peeling and fading.

I have a few fail safe moisturisers, Palmers Cocoa Butter, The Body Shop body butter (any smell is good with me) and any Soap and Glory moisturiser. But I really begrudge spending much money on body moisturiser, I'm not quite sure why but I do. So when I ran out of my usuals I popped into my local Savers to find the cheapest moisturiser whose brand I had heard of. This is what I picked up

Huh? Doesn't look much like a moisturiser to me. Yes, that is exactly what I thought when I opened it up after my bath to slather on. That folks, is because it is not. Silly me picked up a body scrub instead. But what a fab little product it is.

Feels like its really working, without being too harsh (and I do like a rough scrub), but it moisturises at the same time, and it smells lush!

Good use of £1.79!

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