Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Acceptable in the 80's

Being an 80's child, I've always had a certain fondness for double denim. In-fact I remember being rather fond of it in the 90's too. Bootleg denim jeans and demin jacket anyone?

Rumour has it that double denim is doing it's rounds again. I think Heat had a page a week or so back with celebs wearing it.

I actually Googled this trend before I actually stepped foot outside in my ensamble, just to check I had read correctly....but apparently I did, so here is the outcome!

Shirt - River Island
Jeans - Topshop
Heels - Topshop
Bag - River Island

I think the trick to pulling off this look is making sure you wear a lighter denim on your top half. If not 100% convinced but I did actually wear this out so I guess I was happy enough! Unfortuantly the denim shirt I'm wearing here is more of a denim dress shirt, so it kind of buldged when I tucked it into the jeans! Oh well

Will you be trying out the double denim trend?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Pretty in Peach, Sleek Review

I finally dabbled in some Sleek make-up a few weeks ago. The local Superdrugs near me don't stock Sleek and when I further afield I rarely remember to go in any. The couple of times I have seen the brand there only seems to be neon eyeshadow palettes left, which I'm not sure I want to try!

Anyway I managed to pick up the last Pout Polish they had left from the Avoir La Peche collection.Having never tried there pout polish I was intrigued to see if it was any good, plus I loved the colour. I also wanted the blush from the collection, but that was sold out!

I love the packaging, although if I'm honest I find round pots likes this harder to store in my make-up bag, and I hate sticking my finger in things because then I get lipstuff all over everything. But I still love the packaging!

It swatches a creamy peach colour, not massively pigmented, which is what you expect from a 'tinted lip conditioner' anyway and it smells lovely, like vanilla.

I have quite red lips so I do need a pigmented colour for lipstuff to show up really but I'm pretty happy with this. Just gives a lovely sheen with a hint of peach, makes my lips feel smooth, but it's lasting power isn't great.

Still for RRP £4.29 I'm defiantly going to try out a few more of the Pout Polishes!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Skirting around the issue...

Another FOTD, well of the night actually.

A year or so ago me and my friend would hit the town every weekend without fail, sometimes mid-week too. All my money used to go on dresses and drinking and I couldn't bare to wear the same dress twice! Unfortunately boyfriends and work got in the way, and I don't go clubbing nearly enough as I'd like to now, booooo :(

However, last weekend was my friends birthday and we had a fab night out visiting some old haunts. Drinking less often makes a night out way cheaper as I find I only need a glass of wine to get tipsy. Ha. So more money for dresses? No, Suzi, no. Well maybe, if I was able to find a decent dress. I just can't find any I like out there! So I decided to buy a skirt, not least because I was feeling practical and feel this skirt could be dressed up or down.

Enough waffling. Onto the outfit!

Shirt - New Look
Skirt - River Island
Shoes 1st pic - Miss Selfridge
Shoes 2nd pic - River Island

Can you spot the difference? Yep, shoes. The first pair go with the outfit much better but the second pair are my new shoes from the River Island sale and they are to cute for words so I had to wear them! FYI I actually found the shoes in my local River Island still for full price, when I got them via the RI sale website for half price - bonus!

I'm thinking that skirts could possibly be the new dresses? I've seen a few cute ones this year and you can get away with changing your top and having a whole new outfit. Why have I never realised this before?

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sailing on the sea...Ocean Salt by Lush Review

I am a massive lover of facial scrubs. Up until a few months ago I was scrubbing everyday, until I kinda twig'd that this wasn't the right thing to do. And for some reason I just stop buying any. I was just using my mum's Clinique 7 day scrub every week or so and that was that.

Well a few weeks ago, when my skin was particularly manky looking, I happened to be in Lush buying my weekly dose of bubble bars when I wandered over to the skin area. Bar the face masks I've never actually tried anything for the face from Lush, I guess I almost have it in my head that natural products don't do much for spotty and gross skin like mine (I no, I no, silly me). I had heard from lots of lovely blogging ladies that Lush facial products were good but I already had a good cleanser, toner and didn't really want to try there moisturiser. So facial scrub it was then.

I was pretty much sold on the Ocean Salt facial scrub when I saw it, just because it has the word 'salt' in it and I also have it in my head that salt is a good exfoliator and, salt heals, right?

It promises to be a 'stimulating scrub, for a complexion that glows' and contains lime, coconut, grapefruit and vodka, alongside the sea salt.

Costing £6.45 for 120g I reckons it comes in at a mid-range priced scrub, I probably wouldn't be inclined to spend much more than that on one but they do make the bigger size, £11.80 for 250g if your feeling frivolous!

First off, I'm all about the smell, and this smell totally smells like a cocktail, and I'm also all about the cocktails. So cocktail smelling scrubs are amazing - snaps for you Lush.

I guess from the moment you see 'salt' scrub on the label you kind of get an inkling that it will be pretty harsh. Dipping your finger in this scrub just confirms those fears, or joys, I guess it depends on how scrubby you like your scrub! The scrub contains lots of different sized rough salt particles and feels creamy, yet a little greasy to touch.

To get a good scrub I feel you only need a small amount, too much and it just sort of falls off your face! Wetting your hands helps a little bit I find. Once it's on you have to be really careful with how hard your scrub avoid your eye area at all costs and try not to get it in your mouth (you know that taste you get when you swallow sea water? Yeah, that times 100 with this!)

Once it's washed off I really do see a difference in my skin straight away. It gets rid of any dry areas and it pretty damn good at cleaning out any blocked pores, it makes my skin look squeaky clean! Which is no mean feat!  

So would I recommend it?

Yes. But here's my word of warning, sensitive skinned girls step away, even with a light buffing of this scrub on the face I still reckon it would cause problems, also scrub happy girls (like myself) should perhaps find another scrub to get happy with or you'll have half your face off!

However I've you feel that your skins needs a bit of a brighten every week or so, or if you suffer with spots. I would whole heartedly recommend this. I've been using it once a week on my skin, usually before a night out and I have really seen a difference. Plus salt does heal the skin and if I'm having a particularly bad break out I leave this scrub on my skin for 5 minutes or so before I buff off and it does seem to have some effect on the little buggers.

What I also find a little frustrating with Lush sometime is that everything has a really short use-by-date, however this scrub is good for over a year, which is something to bear in mind when your only using it weekly!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wedding Belle

So I went to my friends wedding a couple of weeks ago.

I had a bit of a nightmare getting an outfit for it. You'd think that shops would be full of wedding appropriate attire at this time of year, but they weren't. In fact all the dresses I could find were cream or white, and we all know that's a cardinal wedding sin. Add this the the fact that it was a the beginning of April, pretty difficult to figure the weather out for! All in all making a difficult outfit choice!

Luckily it was a really lush day, not hot, but sunny and warm enough for champagne and canopies on the lawn.

I desperately wanted a colour dress but I couldn't find one anywhere (well, without spending a fortune) so this is what I made do with.

Boy do I have some bandy legs!!! 

Oh and I apologise for the fact there just random shots and not actually outfit pictures!

Dress - River Island
Cardi - Dorothy Perkins
Head piece - Topshop
Shoes - Loub's

The dress served it purpose, although it creased like a bitch! I can't see me wearing it again because it's too 'wedding' in my head, now I've worn it for one! The cardi was a t-shirt material and I had it for years, it was a really good length and kept me warm enough.

Now the head piece is the crazy part. Doesn't it look hilarious on my head? It almost reminds me of the mad hatter tea party! It's actually a metal headband with black flowers and netting stuck on. I tried it on, laughed a bit and left it, but when I bought my dress I decided to go back and get it as I couldn't be bothered to hunt a head piece down anywhere else. I got up to the till and it was reduced to £7 from £22 - utter bargain! My hair was a nightmare that day, I spent ages curling and pinning it so the curls would stay, I took the pins out at the last minute but for some reason the curls just fell out! There was no time to actually do anything with it so it looked like a stupid mess for the day! Waah

All in all it, a lovely day.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Back with the Bling

Sorry for the hiatus, I am here, just being a busy bee!

Last week I finally got my hands on Katy Perry for OPI Teenage Dream polish.

I love it! I figure the best way to wear it is over some white polish as it gives it a baby pink feel. Plus layering it over nail polish makes it less of a bitch to get off!

This is a really crappy picture and I think I took it a couple of days after applying so it's starting to look a little rough around the edges!

OPI - Teenage Dream
Barry M - Baby Pink

The ring finger is probably overkill with the glitter n'all, but I saw this WAH nail video and I couldn't resist trying the leopard print there way. It looks nothing like leopard print but I kind of like it!

I really need to get my hands on a Models Own/Wah nails nail art pen. Everytime I go into Urban Outfitters they've all been tested and leaked everywhere!

Anyone else got any other nail pen reccomendations? I'm still using a thin nail brush for my leopard print!


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