Monday, 18 April 2011

Skirting around the issue...

Another FOTD, well of the night actually.

A year or so ago me and my friend would hit the town every weekend without fail, sometimes mid-week too. All my money used to go on dresses and drinking and I couldn't bare to wear the same dress twice! Unfortunately boyfriends and work got in the way, and I don't go clubbing nearly enough as I'd like to now, booooo :(

However, last weekend was my friends birthday and we had a fab night out visiting some old haunts. Drinking less often makes a night out way cheaper as I find I only need a glass of wine to get tipsy. Ha. So more money for dresses? No, Suzi, no. Well maybe, if I was able to find a decent dress. I just can't find any I like out there! So I decided to buy a skirt, not least because I was feeling practical and feel this skirt could be dressed up or down.

Enough waffling. Onto the outfit!

Shirt - New Look
Skirt - River Island
Shoes 1st pic - Miss Selfridge
Shoes 2nd pic - River Island

Can you spot the difference? Yep, shoes. The first pair go with the outfit much better but the second pair are my new shoes from the River Island sale and they are to cute for words so I had to wear them! FYI I actually found the shoes in my local River Island still for full price, when I got them via the RI sale website for half price - bonus!

I'm thinking that skirts could possibly be the new dresses? I've seen a few cute ones this year and you can get away with changing your top and having a whole new outfit. Why have I never realised this before?


Maria said...

Outfit looks gorgeous! :)
Are the shoes, the ones with the stud detail on the back?
RI also have that skirt in orange, haven't managed to get my hands on it yet though, never have my size :)

Abby said...

I have a black skirt just like this from ASOS and it is just so easy to wear. I seem to be spending all my money on clothes and going out and I really need to start saving...but it's so tempting!

Emily said...

LOVE this outfit!!

Leanne Marie said...

That outfit is gorgeous!

Are the RI shoes the ones with studs on the back?

Leanne xx

Suzi said...

Thanks guys!

I'll do a close up of the shoes when I clean them, they are the ones with the studs on the back, lilac suede doesn't come off to well against club floors!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE your outfit!! I really want that RI skirt now! :) xx

Daisy said...

I loveeee this outfit- so gorgeous! x

Mindy Erazo said...

your outfit is so pretty! I love it!



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