Thursday, 21 April 2011

Pretty in Peach, Sleek Review

I finally dabbled in some Sleek make-up a few weeks ago. The local Superdrugs near me don't stock Sleek and when I further afield I rarely remember to go in any. The couple of times I have seen the brand there only seems to be neon eyeshadow palettes left, which I'm not sure I want to try!

Anyway I managed to pick up the last Pout Polish they had left from the Avoir La Peche collection.Having never tried there pout polish I was intrigued to see if it was any good, plus I loved the colour. I also wanted the blush from the collection, but that was sold out!

I love the packaging, although if I'm honest I find round pots likes this harder to store in my make-up bag, and I hate sticking my finger in things because then I get lipstuff all over everything. But I still love the packaging!

It swatches a creamy peach colour, not massively pigmented, which is what you expect from a 'tinted lip conditioner' anyway and it smells lovely, like vanilla.

I have quite red lips so I do need a pigmented colour for lipstuff to show up really but I'm pretty happy with this. Just gives a lovely sheen with a hint of peach, makes my lips feel smooth, but it's lasting power isn't great.

Still for RRP £4.29 I'm defiantly going to try out a few more of the Pout Polishes!

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