Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wedding Belle

So I went to my friends wedding a couple of weeks ago.

I had a bit of a nightmare getting an outfit for it. You'd think that shops would be full of wedding appropriate attire at this time of year, but they weren't. In fact all the dresses I could find were cream or white, and we all know that's a cardinal wedding sin. Add this the the fact that it was a the beginning of April, pretty difficult to figure the weather out for! All in all making a difficult outfit choice!

Luckily it was a really lush day, not hot, but sunny and warm enough for champagne and canopies on the lawn.

I desperately wanted a colour dress but I couldn't find one anywhere (well, without spending a fortune) so this is what I made do with.

Boy do I have some bandy legs!!! 

Oh and I apologise for the fact there just random shots and not actually outfit pictures!

Dress - River Island
Cardi - Dorothy Perkins
Head piece - Topshop
Shoes - Loub's

The dress served it purpose, although it creased like a bitch! I can't see me wearing it again because it's too 'wedding' in my head, now I've worn it for one! The cardi was a t-shirt material and I had it for years, it was a really good length and kept me warm enough.

Now the head piece is the crazy part. Doesn't it look hilarious on my head? It almost reminds me of the mad hatter tea party! It's actually a metal headband with black flowers and netting stuck on. I tried it on, laughed a bit and left it, but when I bought my dress I decided to go back and get it as I couldn't be bothered to hunt a head piece down anywhere else. I got up to the till and it was reduced to £7 from £22 - utter bargain! My hair was a nightmare that day, I spent ages curling and pinning it so the curls would stay, I took the pins out at the last minute but for some reason the curls just fell out! There was no time to actually do anything with it so it looked like a stupid mess for the day! Waah

All in all it, a lovely day.

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Shannon said...

You look gorgeous :) i love your outfit, its so cute x


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