Thursday, 18 August 2011

Fell into Topshop....

I wore this a couple of sunny Saturdays ago when my boyfriend and I went into the country and ate at this gorgeous gastro pub. Pretty views and a warm evening, it was lovely.

Unintentionally my whole outfit was 'al la Topshop' but the bright colours and my trusty jeans (that are in dire need of replacing) made me smile.

As always I apologise for the picture quality, the light was terrible!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Master Cleanse/Lemonade Detox - Results

So as you all probable guessed I quit the Master Cleanse after day 5.

I'm pretty proud that I managed to do 5 days on it but a little bummed I didn't go the whole hog.

I reason I quit was the weight loss. I started the cleanse weighing 119lbs and by day 5 I weighed 111lb, a first I was kinda like 'woo, weight loss' but then I looked in the mirror and noted that I looked like Skeletor. Haha.

Plus the night before I was reading a forum dedecated to the Master Cleanse where the people where like 'bla,bla,bla, 10 days is not enough' you need to do it for at least 30 to 40. And I was like you know what, screw you, I have a life and 40 days of not eating is not part of mine!

So how do I feel after it?

Not a huge difference (probably down to the fact I only lasted 5 days!) I did notice my skin got a lot better. The only huge difference I've made to my diet is drinking more water, which is a good thing. I guess before when I felt hungry I ate, now part of the time I'm hungry I'm actually thirsty. I've put on around 3-4lb in just over 2 weeks but have managed to keep the rest off! Although in saying that I've been eating a lot healthier, and going to the gym 3-4 times a week!

Would I recommend it? 

Probably not, I was pretty miserable and not eating just isn't natural. Apparently it does do wonders for high blood pressure though. However at the age of 23, that's not something I suffer with right now!

Normal posting shall resume now!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Master Cleanse/Lemonade Detox - Day 5

So I totally apologise for the hiatus. Major internet problems!

Therefore this is a super, super late day 5 video, where I contemplate giving up!

I'm sure you guys can guess what happened on day 6!

I will blog tomorrow with a summing up of the situation. But until then, enjoy me looking like a total mess on day 5.....


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