Monday, 15 August 2011

Master Cleanse/Lemonade Detox - Results

So as you all probable guessed I quit the Master Cleanse after day 5.

I'm pretty proud that I managed to do 5 days on it but a little bummed I didn't go the whole hog.

I reason I quit was the weight loss. I started the cleanse weighing 119lbs and by day 5 I weighed 111lb, a first I was kinda like 'woo, weight loss' but then I looked in the mirror and noted that I looked like Skeletor. Haha.

Plus the night before I was reading a forum dedecated to the Master Cleanse where the people where like 'bla,bla,bla, 10 days is not enough' you need to do it for at least 30 to 40. And I was like you know what, screw you, I have a life and 40 days of not eating is not part of mine!

So how do I feel after it?

Not a huge difference (probably down to the fact I only lasted 5 days!) I did notice my skin got a lot better. The only huge difference I've made to my diet is drinking more water, which is a good thing. I guess before when I felt hungry I ate, now part of the time I'm hungry I'm actually thirsty. I've put on around 3-4lb in just over 2 weeks but have managed to keep the rest off! Although in saying that I've been eating a lot healthier, and going to the gym 3-4 times a week!

Would I recommend it? 

Probably not, I was pretty miserable and not eating just isn't natural. Apparently it does do wonders for high blood pressure though. However at the age of 23, that's not something I suffer with right now!

Normal posting shall resume now!

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Twiggs said...

I love your blog so glad I found youuu.



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