Saturday, 15 January 2011

Filling a hole, and opening another right back up

Last week I went to the dentist, just for an innocent little check up and tooth polish? Sadly not. My dentist found a dreaded hole and also managed to make time for me to have it filled in during the appointment. I have no problem with dentists, fillings or injections. But the three of them together is a little bit overkill. Especially as the injection of local anaesthetic in my gum not only made my cheek and mouth numb, but also my whole neck and tongue. I was like a big slobbering mess, it was tres tragic.

As I was feeling so very sorry for myself, I decided to go shopping. So there we have it, my resolution to save money this year has already crashed and burned. I'd actually sneakily been eyeing up these beauts

River Island £59.99

Or a similar pair from Topshop. I like loafers, especially loafers with heels. But, alas, it was not to be, neither my local River Island or Topshop stocked them, so they'll have to be on the wish list until I shop further afield.

No matter though, because instead I got all this.

Topshop (and a smidge of H&M) haul

......but wait? What's that snakeskin print thing in the corner....a top?.....a scarf?......wait a minute, it's it? YES! It is ladies and gents, that is a pair of bonafide snakeskin print leggings......Oh I see....slowly edges away.

Let me just give an explanation here. I have been keen on buying a pair of patterned trousers/leggings for a while now but never really gave it much thought in terms of patterns. So I saw these and thought, ah ha! Printed leggings, and proceeded to carry them around the store without trying them on. When I got to the till they happened to, kind of be, still in my hands.......

Oh snakeskin leggings , how I want to hate you, but when I put you on you make me feel like doing some kind of crazy interpretive dance, you are so comfy and have given me an illusion of a slightly bigger arse. Which must mean they are magical leggings. Let me just show you my leggings on, so you too can marvel in there glory

Granted they are ridiculous. I have limited options to wear with them and realistically they can't be worn that often without people being like 'oh, there's that nutter again in her snakeskin leggings', plus I dread to think what my boyfriend will say. But they were £22 so I don't care. Even if they never see the light of day I'll still be wearing them for my in room dance sessions. 

Conveniently they also match with my new Topshop jacket, kinda seen in the above pictures and here.

 Image from

If ever a jacket wanted to be leather it's this jacket. So soft, almost buttery. But leather it is not, not for £58 it isn't anyway. This in black leather is my idea jacket, as the shearling detail is removable, but this in beige plastic is pretty nice too. I think I might just keep the tag on for a bit though, I'm a bit scared that I'll find everybody has this jacket, because of the price and the fact I found it in my local Topshop, which isn't very big.

Also in the line up are a pair of ribbed knitted cream over-the-knee socks. I actually want a pair of tights like this but I'm not really having much luck, so these will suffice until I do.

Lastly a felt trilbly style hat, £7.95, H&M, I like that it's plain. And cheap!

So did I get over my filling? Yes, but it left a big hole in my purse!


Rebecca said...

loving these purchases! Just randomly found your blog. I love your posts. can't wait to read more xxx

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

love this tan leather jacket!


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