Thursday, 6 January 2011

Hypest Hype? Moroccan Oil

As I mentioned before I became the owner of some Moroccan Oil over Christmas.

Since I heard about Moroccan Oil (which shall be known as MO now, for typing reasons!) I've been wanting to try it. But I am a pikey and refused to buy it. As much as I love my hair, I've never been keen on putting many products on it. It just adds to the greasy-ness. But as I've heard so much hype about it I was actually considering purchasing it, but instead I decided to get my mum a bottle for Christmas (she has a much different hair type to me - coarse...if you will - sorry mum) thinking I could nick a bit. Before I got a chance to steal a drop or two. I was presented with this lovely set from my boyfriends mum - who had obviously been listening when I rambled on about it. (I'm so good at rambling)

Cute, huh?!

It's actually the travel set and contains:

Intense Hydrating Mask
Moisture Repair Shampoo
Moisture Repair Conditioner
2 x Oil treatments

So I get a little taster of everything. Although the actual oil is the only thing I'm reviewing here.

I decided the best way to review it properly was to take a photo of my hair using the MO and a photo without using it. In these pictures I used the same shampoo and conditioner and then blow dried and straightened my hair with the same products. The only difference was the application of MO on the ends of my hair in the second picture (oh and it was obviously done on different days)

Here we go - for your viewing pleasure

I was all ready to diss MO in this post, because I couldn't tell much difference, until I saw the pictures side-by-side. I think if you click on them to enlarge you can see better, but there is defiantly an improvement on the smoothness of my ends! I would say it looks healthier. My ends aren't that split, because I'm a good girl and get my hair trimmed regular, but the cuticles look smoother. Maybe not a huge difference, but you have to remember my hair is already quite straight and rarely goes frizzy.

Personally without the photo I wouldn't have noticed much, the product didn't make my hair 'feel' any different, nor did I think it looked much different in the mirror.

So would I recommend it?

I reckon it could be a godsend to girls with curly, frizzy or unruly hair. For those with similar hair to myself it's not going to be life changing but the photo's do tell the story! One positive for me is that as it just goes on the very ends of your hair it doesn't make it any greasier, something that I was worried about. Plus its not at all time consuming to apply. In regards to repurchasing? I'm still a haircare pikey! I'll certainly use these bottles up and see how I feel after, I really only used a small amount so it probably works out as good value for money in the long run. However when purchasing you can just buy the small 25ml bottles for around £12 rather than forking out £30 straight off to get a feel for the product. I guess if it weren't for the price I'd just say use it!

Is this review just silly though? Have you all made up your mind on MO already? I do hope it helps someone! Feel free to post any questions in the comment box if you want more info!


sugarbeauty♥ said...

Hey :) You've won an award on my blog! Check it out

Love & Kisses

Emily Charlotte said...

I've been considering this for a while. I think my hair seems pretty much like yours so I won expect miracle results but hopefully will make a small difference!x

Suzi said...

Emily Charlotte - I reckon it's worth a go, get the little bottle first! Or try Ebay!

Sugarbeauty - Thanks for the award! My first!


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