Monday, 5 March 2012

Oh Man!

So it seemed that I took February off from blogging. Let the excuses commence...

Firstly, and hilariously, the phone company managed to 'fix' a fault by connected my land line to somebody else's land line, so I was without internet for about 2 weeks whilst they buggered around trying to sort it out, but we did had the novelty of having a new home phone number for a while, which was of course fun. Secondly, and most importantly, I've been on holiday.

Just got back from Oman (do you get the title now?) yesterday, and may I just say that it was gorgeous, and truly blissful to spend a week in the sun with my boyfriend doing little but reading trashy novels and eating.

So in the tradition of 'hipster' blogs I shall upload my pictures in Instagram form, not least because my photography skills leave a lot to be desired.

  1. Rani float - actually had really chunks of peach in - amaze.
  2. Shellac nails in Tropix (chipped like a bitch though) and my fabulous Kindle skin
  3. Not bad for a Monday morning!
  4. Hotel room view
  5. Infinity pool
  6. 'Sand card' for my Daddy (slightly alarmed that I look like a skeleton though)
  7. Breakfast - to sort out the 'skeleton' look
  8. My new olding Wayfarers - genius!
  9. My boyfriend actually reading a book
  10. Hotel courtyard 

Sadly the lovely holiday has been pretty much wiped from my memory due to the fact that the flight back was horrible, I usually travel well but I managed to feel terrible the whole way home, and my boyfriend decided that he had developed a fear of flying. So I basically spent the whole 8 hours being clung on to for dear life by my poor pale, clammy handed boyfriend whilst I concentrated on not vomming everywhere. 

Anyway, can't complain. Hope you are all fabs and hello to my new followers.

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