Saturday, 14 May 2011

My birthday presents, to myself...!

After I got Wah'd the other day I had some time to spare before meeting up with my boyfriend. So I partook in a little birthday indulgence.

I really needed to find something to wear for Saturday night clubbing but I actually had found a dress on ASOS that I'd ordered the night before. It was pretty cheap for £32 with a 20% discount and so I thought I'd better treat myself to a new pair of shoes. The dress I've ordered it this one, I'm hoping it will look good on. So I decided to try and get some coral/orange shoes to go with it.

Step up these beauties

I actually saw them online first and kind of just thought 'they'll do' but when I saw them in Topshop I was totally like 'OMG, got to have them'

I actually have the same shoes in black which I find really comfortable.

I will be totally devo'd if they don't match the dress or the dress is just plain horrible!

I did also buy another dress while I was in Toppers, but I don't have a picture of it at this moment in time.

I picked up this useful-but-not-very-exciting necklace too. I  love a long chain and it will go with everything!


I then toddled off to Selfridges I was after Peaches blush from MAC. But I totes forgot how much I hate the MAC in Selfridges, it's just really badly organised and you can never get any help. So I did a circle of the make-up stands and found this beaut from Nars - Gina

A fabulous matte peach/coral colour. I only realised the other day that most of my blushes have a shimmer in, I personally prefer shimmerless, especially for the day. So the matte-ness of this blush attracted me!

It's very pigmented so you have to blush with caution

Not a huge haul, but I was happy!

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Hayley said...

I loveeee those shoes, I had them on a recent wishlist theyre so nice :) lovely haul xxx


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