Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Some things for something

I've been terribly sllacking on the blogging front. I'm just a bit behind on things and lately when I'm not at work I seem to be sleeping. It's my day off today and I'm still in my pyjamas at 6pm, it's not really out of choice but I'm desperate to get this stupid essay done and they are the warmest/comfiest things I own! Gah

Anyway I have been doing some stuff and rather than bore you with loads of words that I don't really have time to write I've just got a few pictures.

On our way to Thorpe Park. I am totally not cut out for theme parks anymore and spent the whole day feeling dreadful! Still was nice to do something different, and I at least I know not to go back for a long time!

Totes excitement and seeing the new Barry M pink crackle polish! Although I then went into Superdrug and found out they were doing 2 for £4.99 and they had all the new colours in, doh!
Illamasqua - Purity
Barry M instant nails effects - Pink

This song. Jamie Woon - Lady Luck

Enjoying wearing super-dark eyes. But kind of forgetting how to do smokey eyes properly!

Yellow nails
Amazing how these beauties make me feel so happy
Topshop - Bees Knees

Kudos for Topshop for making some amazing nail colours this season!

I hope y'all have been up to some more exciting stuff than me lately!

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