Sunday, 30 October 2011

Road Kill

I adore Halloween. I wish we would do it American style here! It's such a huge thing in across the pond. Last year my Sister and brother-in-law actually went to Heidi and Seal's Halloween party. SO JEALOUS!

I plotted my Halloween outfit for quite a while and was pretty pleased with my DIY results. I didn't actually have an awesome night though, we went to this dodgy party and I got way too drunk and was laying on my boyfriends parents bathroom floor at about 1.30am, Halloween outfit around my ankles, head over toilet bowl! I've had a pretty shit week and that combined with my lack of eating dinner Friday night made for a hideous hangover the next day. I think I remember on my last post saying something about the negative of drinking too much, so more fool me. Silly girl.

Anyway this year I was Road Kill! Fox style!

Leotard - eBay
Wig - eBay - here, I ordered one of these wigs last year in brown, they are such good quality for the price and people thought it was my real hair (not so much with this luminous orange wig though!)
Tights - Topshop
Ears & Tail - eBay
Guts - Primark - well they were tights from the kids section that I put rubber bands on a splatted with fake blood

Considering how utterly useless I am usually with creativity and that my sewing skills are non existent I don't think it came out half bad. Although my nails were so long I couldn't do anything!


Eda. said...

Darling I am loving this halloween costume, fabulous!

Eda ♥

Emma said...

wow!! this really is amazing you look great!!


Angel In This Dress said...

Such a great costume! Has the "hot" factor but also that must-have gross element needed for Halloween :)

Sorry that you didn't have a great night x x

Grace said...

haha you look amazing! so creative! love your blog. xx

Jesse said...

This is actually so cute! You look amazing :) I've tried those wigs before, I have a purpley pink ombre one and it's so fab :) I agree with what the lady says above - has the sexy-yet-still-kinda-gross look. Haha. Sorry your night wasn't as fab as it should have been! xxxxx

Dragon Mommy said...

Just come across you blog, its fab :) I LOVE this costume. You look great!

Holli x


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