Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lil' Hips

At the moment all my (very few) posts seem to be outfits. So I apologise.

I'm going through a bit of personal crap at the moment, so haven't been able to muster up the energy/enthusiasm to blog about anything more substantial. Plus I seem to be coming down with a hideous cold that's been brewing up for a week. But, troubles aside, it is important to look pretty.

Just went out for a couple of mojitos with my girlfriends the other night wearing this.

I used to live in pencil skirts, but then then kind of weren't in fashion so much and difficult to buy. However, I was milling around the Oxford Street Topshop on Friday in a really good mood and grabbed this one to try on. Whilst dancing around in the changing room to the amazing songs they were playing (seriously if you need to get in the mood for a night out - Topshop, Friday afternoon!), I decided to go for it, and here it is.

Top - Topshop
Skirt - Topshop (here)
Shoes - Topshop
Belt - Oh bloody hell, everything is Topshop!
Bag - ASOS

Unfortunately I have no hips. This skirt would look 100 times better on someone with curves, and while I attempted to give the illusion of a Kim Kardashian figure, you can still see the wrinkles on my hips where the skirt didn't fit properly! I also forgot how uncomfortable pencil skirts can be, but I'm glad to be back in one!

Oh and lastly a gratuitous nail picture. Excuse my finger fuzz(?!) and terrible cuticles!

Orly - Green with Envy
Butter London - Henley Regatta


Emma said...

This really suits you! Great colour too!


Twiggs said...

hope your okay (big hugs)

you look gorgeous and that colour skirt really suits you xxx

Anonymous said...

Do you wear knickers when you go out in that skirt or are you worried about VPL?


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