Monday, 7 November 2011

Feel Beauty Box - November

Not many people seem to be subscribed to's monthly beauty box. Or if they are, they ain't blogging about it!

Maybe there is a reason for this and I'm just dumb, but I'm certainly enjoying my boxes!

It makes the beginning of the month a very exciting time for me as I love surprises! But I am a slight horder and am worried about how many sample size products I'll have laying around half finished in 6 months time!

Anyhoo, this is November's's beauty box

Eek stuffed full!

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe. Sample Size 30mls. RRP £21.50 for 236ml

First up we have Xen - Tan deep bronze luxe. I'm sure we've all heard of Xen-Tan. I certainly have, and I'm a user of it. I currently use the Absolute Luxe in Ultra Dark (we Essex girls, only go for the darkest!). However, this is an instant tan that claims to last for a week, so it's slightly different. It's 30mls so I reckon just about enough for a whole body? I know Xen-Tan is good, and I can imagine a lot of people, like myself, have already tried it. So is it a new product for me to try? Well, no. Am I happy for a sample? Well, yes, as I already use it, it's pretty useful.

Schwarkopf Dust It. Full size 10g. RRP £9.55

Next is my beloved Schwarkopf Dust It, which I squealed with excitement when I saw. Basically a texturising powder that you 'dust' on your roots for a little bit of extra volume. You may have also already heard of it, I'm pretty sure it's the original powder type hair stuff, but correct me if I'm wrong! Personally I love this stuff and as it's a full size I'm pretty darn happy.

Bella Pierre Shimmer Powder. Full size 2.35g. RRP £12.99

This claims to be a 'multi-purpose shimmer powder' but personally I will not be using it anywhere other than my eyes, it's dark brown! I'm guessing you get different colours in different boxes. I've heard of Bella Pierre before, in fact my mum got duped into spending a large amount of money on their products from a pop up stall in our local shopping centre, they weren't great quality. I'm not that impressed because of that. However, this eye shadow is fine. Just a brown eyeshadow, pretty pigmented, but goes everywhere. I'm not sold, but I will probably get some use out of it!

Goldwell DualSenses. Ultra Volume 60sec gel-treatment. Sample size - 50mls. RRP £7.70 for 200ml

Anything that gives volume to my hair it good in my books. I've never heard of Goldwell before and was pretty sceptical if it would work. I used it the other night, I was just thinking 'nahhh, this will never work' but I was actually pretty damn surprised that it did seem to give me a good bit of root volume, without weighing it down at all. Probably the most difference I've gotten' from any volumizing product. It smells fresh, and is actually really good value. The only negative I have it that I'm not sure whether it's a conditioner or not? The instructions just say to 'leave on shampooed hair for 60 secs', but what about conditioning? Personally I used shampoo and conditioner before the product, and it seemed to work just fine. Will definitely be purchasing the full size.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Life and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm & Dual Action Professional Cleansing Cloth. Sample size - 30mls. RRP £34 for 100ml

Lastly it probably the item that I was most excited about. Again I've never heard of Emma Hardie, but I love moringa and I love the fact it it is a cleanser that comes with a cleansing cloth, as I'm a user of Liz Earle usually. The packaging it expensive looking and the fact that this little sample comes with such an amazing cleansing cloth is fab!! The cloth has a muslin side and a softer micro fibre side, plus a dinky little logo! I'm happy with the cloth alone! The cleanser is lovely smelling and almost 'gel-like' in texture, if a little on the greasy side. It got my make-up off well and my face looked lovely and smooth afterwards. I feel I need at least a week or two of usage to see any real results, but I'm happy to preserver. Plus I think that even if I don't like the cleanser, I'll be definitely getting some more of the cloths!

Oh, and I also got a little sample of Bvlgari - Mon Jasmin Noir perfume. It's not bad.

All in all a pretty successful box! What do you think?


Abby said...

They're all sold out for this month thats why :(

Eda. said...

I think that's a lovely box full of beauty products darling - never heard of it before - enjoy!

Eda ♥

Twiggs said...

yes loving all in your box

I must subscribe before I miss out on anymore!!!


Suzi said...

Abby - Really? I didn't know they even could sell out!? I just have a monthly rolling subscription! Boo :(

Eda - Thanks, love the blog

Twiggs - You should, it's so exciting!

Abby said...

Yep the next box avaliable a couple of weeks back was the December box so I bought a one off Carmine box instead x


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