Monday, 28 February 2011

Year of the Brush - February

You can read about my Year of the Brush pledge here!

So the second month in and I've already half failed. I have managed to buy one brush this month, but not the two that I promised at the start of this challange. I'd love to say that it's because I'm being good and saving my money, but it's not. I spent my brush money on a lipgloss. DAMMIT

Next month I'll get back on the wagon (I think) but I still have one brush to show.

Say hello to the 168!

Described as an large angled contour brush for use with application, scupting, shaping and blending with powder products.

It's very soft, perhaps not as large as I would have liked though. Although saying that it does give a very good sculpting line around the cheek bones and is easy to blend in blusher or highlighter. Sadly it's white, which it a error when making a brush MAC! I don't want to have to wash it everyday!

What I like about this brush it the fact that it works really well in building colours up and because it's quite small you can get some really precise contouring going on. I'm defiantly seeing some difference in using this

So should you go buy it?

I don't think it's a brush necessity. It's not a brush that I would use during the day, more for a night out and full face of make-up. In saying that though it does make a difference to my cheekbones! Retailing at £24 it's still pretty pricey. Perhaps not a brush I would say it a must have for a basic brush kit, but if your into contouring then it's pretty darn good.

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