Saturday, 19 February 2011

Loafer love for McQueen

So I wore this to go out shopping......well actually that was the plan, but it didn't happen. In the end I just did some errands! I had done a night shift the night before and I 'hit the wall', I was so sleepy I couldn't face shopping (I know, I know.....blasphemy)

Jacket - Topshop
Scarf - Alexander McQueen
White tee - Juicy Couture
Jeggings - Topshop
Loafers - River Island
Bag - River Island

This outfit revolves around my loafers - these bad boys!

I saw then in River Island in January and I was like 'ammmazziing' however, white, flat, loafers in January are not a very good idea. Neither are they in February, but I was so terrified they might sell out that I had to buy them when I got paid this month.

They 100% remind me of something Kanye West would wear, which in my book is always good! I cannot wait to wear them in summer with a striped body, tan chino style shorts and massive sunglasses.  And can I also just say I never, ever, ever buy or wear flat shoes (unless they are flip flops). I just am a heels girl by heart! I love the way heels make my feet look smaller. I'm a size 5 which isn't exactly big, but I just think having such stupid skinny legs and ankles that flat shoes make me look awkward. But these babies make my feet look quite cute!

So anyway, I was feeling very sad that they were sitting fresh in there box and unworn, so I decided to brave the winter mud and wear them! They also gave me an excuse to McQueen up. I rarely wear this scarf as all my outfits are black based rather than blue but I absolutely love the colour of it. Turquoise is my colour :)

I've got my eye on the black with nude/pink skulls scarf, every time I go into Selfridges with my boyfriend I paw at it for ages, hoping he gets the far no bite!


Maria said...

Love the shoes
Great blog, now following :)

Straight Up Glam said...

Great outfit! I agree, those shoes are so cute! And I'm loving the scarf! Hopefully your boyfriend will get the hint soon! Boys can be so clueless sometimes, haha! =)

Andrée xx

ellerosee said...

LOVE the scarf; I've been looking into getting one recently but I'm not sure i can spend that much on a scarf! This post has just really made me think its worth looks great xx

Suzi said...

Thanks guys! If you do get a McQueen scarf I recommend getting one that goes with everything!

Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea said...

Those shoes are adorable and I love Alexander McQueen! Your scarf us a great piece.


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