Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Guilty as charged - MAC Prep+Prime Skin Brightening Serum

Suspected detained on grounds of shiny face offences

Looks innocent, huh?

Well believe me it's not.

I purchase this around a month ago, I vaguely remember hearing something about the Prep+Prime range being good and I never say no to a serum. The word serum makes me think that is doing my skin good and I do enjoy a bit of skin brightening, especially as I cake so much make-up on. It also claims to 'strengthen the skin against UV-related damage, while M∙A∙C Charged Water ensures deep, long-lasting hydration'.

Lovely, I thought, I could do with a new primer. So I purchased. I believe it was around £28, which I think is pretty pricey for 30mls, but then I didn't know the price until I paid. This was partly due to the fact that my wonderful boyfriend had decided it was appropriate to wear a 'hoodie' with the hood up to a shopping trip around Covent Garden. Which meant that I was not only dragging my boyfriend around MAC but the security guard (who obviously did not like people in 'hoodies' being in his shop) was also trailing around after us. My own little entourage......ay? Neither were very helpful though, haha. Which is probably why I came out with this bloody thing!

Once I got my new little purchase home I decided that being small and expensive I would only use it for special occasions, which for me counts as any day that I'm not actually at work.

So fast forward to the first day I wasn't at work and me therefore using the serum.

The serum is a milky colour - as you can kind of see in the above picture. It's quite wet to touch but goes on easily and dries quickly, it don't think that it feels particularly smooth on, but it is very lightweight and smells nice. On bare skin I find that to me this makes absolutely no difference at all. But I was still hopeful for its brightening  power under my make up.

The results? Utter rubbish....

This only really dawned on my yesterday, but I've being noticing that for a while I've been getting a very shiny forehead, like really, really greasy looking. I didn't really think much of it and just presumed that it was down to my working hard or me being hot, plus I only noticed when I got home and by that point it didn't matter anyway. The serum doesn't make any difference under make-up at first.

However, yesterday I had a study day at work, I've started a new course and it basically meant me sitting in a lecture theatre for 6 hours. Taxing on the mind, not so much on the body though (or the forehead, to be precise) so why when I got home did my forehead look like it had a done a marathon, a sweaty, sweaty, marathon? Because, do you know what? The day before I worked a 14 and 1/2 hour shift, I work a job that's pretty active I guess, but when I got home my face and forehead was shine free.

The penny dropped, I don't use my serum for work, but I did use it for the study day. And do you know what? All those days I've been getting a sweaty spam head, I seem to remember using my Skin Brightening Serum. So I'm pretty sure I've found the culprit.

Maybe it's me? Maybe you've used the stuff and loved it. Maybe it looks lovely on clear skin, and maybe it is protecting me from evil UV rays.

But personally? So sorry MAC, I still love you, but you can keep your Skin Brightening Serum

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