Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hoola Vs. Laguna. FIGHT!!!

Being a long time lover of bronzer I had pretty much had found my star product in Benefit's Hoola. I've been repurchasing it for years and I've never really wanted anything more from a bronzer.

That was until I heard good things about NARS Laguna, lots of good things... I was torn between my loyalty to Hoola but my curiosity for Laguna. Curiosity always gets the cat. So I purchased Laguna.

I've been using them both for a while now, so I feel that I should review them!

Round 1 - Price

First off, they both cost the same amount. £24. However you get 11g in Hoola and 8g in Laguna. Do the maths. Plus Hoola comes with a (all be it, crap) brush

Ding, ding, ding!

Winner: Hoola

Round 2 - Packaging

Hoola & Laguna

Benefit box powders all come in the classic retro style boxes. They are cute and different to your normal plastic casing. However, they are cardboard and so damage quite easily, my friend uses the Dallas (of the same box design) and basically throws it everywhere, she has managed to rip the top of the box and so now her lid flaps off! Plus they are a bitch to transport anywhere, so big! I don't take mine out in my bag but it's still pretty scuffed, as you can see above!

Laguna comes in a classic NARS style case. It might not look exciting but it feels solid and expensive and much more slimline making it easier to take out in your bag. Plus it has a pretty good mirror inside the lid.

Ding, ding, ding

Winner: Laguna

Round 3 - Colour

Both Laguna and Hoola I would describe as 'muddy' bronzers, neither have a hint of 'orange' on or off, which is why I believe they are both so popular. In the pan Laguna looks slightly darker as you can see here....

When you swatch, the colours are very similar. Laguna has a very slight shimmer to it (which can be seen in the flash picture), I guess you could say that it is very slightly more pigmented too, and very slightly warmer than Hoola.

L-R Hoola, Laguna - flash

L-R Hoola, Laguna - natural light

See? The differences are very slight, when you transfer the bronzer to a bigger area i.e. your face! The differences are even less.

However in saying that Laguna does have the shimmer while Hoola is matt. Personally I prefer matt for the day and shimmer for the evening, so I guess they both have there uses.

Ding, ding, ding!

Winner: Tied!

Round 4 - Lasting power 

Personally I have never ever had a problem with either Laguna or Hoola melting off. 14 hours shifts running around a ward are no match for either of them. However I do believe that part of there staying power is to do with the foundation and primer you use. But I have found they are both 'budge' free! 

Unfortuantly I've only ever worn Hoola make-up free, so I can't comment on how they are without a foundation base as it wouldn't be fair!

Ding, ding, ding!

Winner: Tied!

So the champion is..............Er, both!!!!

 No seriously I can't fault either or them, they are both really similar. 

I guess if you take your bronzer everywhere with you then Laguna is better for portability. But then if you prefer a matt finish with your bronzer then Hoola is the one, (plus it's slightly better value for money!). Personally I like matt during the day and shimmer for a night out, which is why I'll be repurchasing both!


Straight Up Glam said...

This is a great post! Hoola and Laguna are my two favorite powder bronzers, too! I have tried and tried to determine which one is better as well, and it just came out a tie! It's true, they are both gorgeous! =)

Andrée xx

Suzi said...

Thanks! Although I was surprised to see that when you swatch they actually look a little different, I seriously cannot tell them apart on my face though!

ellerosee said...

I love post; Very useful x

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