Thursday, 3 February 2011

OOTD and Peacocky

I went shopping today and this was my outfit

Jumper - Topshop 
Jeans - Topshop 
Shoes - River Island
Hat - Miss Selfridge
Mulberry Bayswater

Comfy and warm (by my standards). Except these jeans and jumper love each other. I find that black jeans cling onto fluff like crazy and this jumper gives off said fluff like nobodies business. I wish they wouldn't involve me in there love affair!

The red hat was an attempt to 'pull' the whole outfit together as the shoes a 'off' red, it looks a bit stark in the photos though.

Charm bracelet - vintage (with some newer charms)
Necklace & ring - River Island

Oh and I tried to do marbled effect on my nails, needless to say it was not successful! I've got the basic idea now, so I'll try again soon. Actually quite a few people did comment on my nails though, probably as they didn't look up close (ha!)

Whilst I was out I went into MAC and tried there new Peacocky collection.

I'm not going to go into details about it because you've probably read about it on other blogs or seen it for yourself. I wasn't really interested in the shadows as I'm not massively into metallics, but I made a bee-line for the new 'Kissable lipcolour' - said to be the consistency of a lip gloss but the colour payoff of a lipstick. The colour selection is impressive but only Woo Me and Enchantee stood out, I tried them both but found the consistency slightly chalky.

Enchantee & Woo Me (Image -

I left them both on the shelf as I didn't really think they were that 'wow'. But I did test them out! I got around 3-4 hours of colour from Enchantee which isn't bad but the gloss went pretty quickly. I am a little upset I didn't get Woo Me, the colour is pretty lovely and it's already sold out online, but I was being ruthless. Boo hoo. 

Thank godness we stopped off a Cadbury's Cocoa House then. I drowned my sorrows in a banana milkshake and a flake.


Good day lovely people?


Rebecca said...

Great post, I haven't heard much about the peacock collection, but I LOVE those lipglosses! xx

Barbie said...

Your nails are so cute!


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