Sunday, 27 February 2011

Confession's Part II

Following on from Friday's Usher extravaganza I stayed up in London for the weekend at my boyfriend's flat.

Now obviously when in London you must spend money, it's an unwritten law. Never mind the fact that I'm up there pretty often!

I guess you could say I was pretty restrained.

We spent Saturday on Tottenham Court Road in all the furniture shops (snooze, this is the kind of things 'grown-ups' do). But luckily for me Tottenham Court Road seems to house the flagship store of Paperchase. Now Paperchase is one of my very favourite shops. I don't need stationary, however I cannot walk past one without going in and buying something I possibly don't need. I just can't help myself, everything has faces drawn on! I love things with faces. Sushi with faces, scribbles with faces, cakes with faces etc.

I mean seriously....look!

Anyway I got this....

Cute, huh? Everybody should love cupcake and cookie. I've been needing a bag like this for a while too!

I also popped into Boots too. Did you know Barry M does a special Boots only colour? Well I didn't, but I do now.

It's a gorgeous pinky purple.

Sorry the lighting is a bit dodgy. It's called Boots limited edition 047 if anyone is interested. I like it and it makes me hopeful for summer!

Saturday night was spent at a restaurant called Tsunami, in the West End. It does gorgeous Japanese food and amazing cocktails. It was mine and my boyfriends 2 year anniversary (collective 'awwww' please! Haha) and as we didn't get to see each other Valentine's day either it was a good excuse for a meal.

Here is a sneaky picture of my boyfriend!

Very lovely night indeed. We went for gelato afterwards in Gelupo in Soho - best gelato ever. Hazelnut and chocolate brownie tastes like bloody Ferrero Rocher - absolutely fabulous.

Sunday saw us taking a trip to Harrods - I needed some new heel bits for my Louboutin's. Accidentally I checked out the new S/S range and fell in love with these babies 
WANT WANT WANT - but cannot have. Boo. I also pawed this matching bag, damn you Christian - why are you doing this too me?

What I did do though, was stumble across MAC. I've said before that when I'm with my boyfriend I always must impulse buy.  I picked up a brush for my Year of The Brush (more blogging about that later) and I was surprised to see they still had some Peacocky bits left. 

I was still pining after Woo Me, unfortunately that was sold out, but En-chantee was another colour I'd liked so I snatched it up as quickly as I could. 

 I'm glad I did, it really gives an impression of fuller lips and although the gloss doesn't last very long the actually colour stays around for a while. I've been wearing it daily since I got it. 

Two items from MAC cost me £40!!!!!! The weekend spending we pretty restrained until MAC sucked me in.  But all in all I had a lovely weekend. 

This post is actually about last weekend, not the one just gone! But still did you all have lovely weekend?

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