Friday, 11 February 2011

I've Been Very Boring

Lately I've been very boring on the buying front.

The reason being that I am determined to pay off my overdraft, which is a hefty amount of £2000 left over from my days as a student. I was actually supposed to pay it off by October last year, but I managed to persuade the guy at my bank to extent it until March. One up for womanly charms, haha!

March is rapidly approaching and I am actually almost there. The tragic thing is that I have nearly £2000 sitting there in my bank account, that is actually my money that I earned good and proper. But it's not really mine, if it were though.......

Do you know what I could buy with that amount of money?
A Chanel 2.55

A Mulberry Alexa

Or some Christian Louboutin Banana Pumps in Nude

The list goes on, and on. Sigh...............

I am holding firm though and although every time I go shopping I'm sorely tempted to spent a few hundred in MAC I haven't done so, so far! Hark I even went to Oxford Street today and only spent £40!

However at the beginning of the month I did actually do a little shop and got a few little bits. Nothing exciting, but I haven't done a haul post in a while.

So here we are (sorry about the picture quality)

Benefit - Bella Bamba
Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink
MAC lipsticks in Viva Glam Gaga and Hue
Soap&Glory - Wish Upon a Jar
Lush Magic Mushroom

Now to start off Bella Bamba was brought using my Boots advantage points, so therefore it was free. And, er, the rest? Well they were all very important purchases that I needed to function properly (yes, Suzi, keep telling yourself that)

Bella Bamba

I knew I was going to get this before I even saw the colour, it could have been bright purple and I still would have purchased it. You see, I have a 'thing' for Benefit boxes. Choosing blush is my one downfall, I can never get it right, but Benefit just do the hard work for me. Plus the box is so pretty, it smells like watermelon and it has a new brush!

Personally I haven't used it that much, it is an absolutely gorgeous pink with gold shimmer in, but I've just been going for corals and slightly more orange blushes lately. It's the whole blonde hair, pink lips, eyeliner-ed eyes that make me think pink blush is a little too much at the moment.

But anyway, a must buy if you are a fan of Benefit. Plus it really does seem to give a 3D look, almost like my cheeks look fuller and plumper.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

I love a gel eyeliner, and this was just a repurchase. I find that Bobbi has a better shelf life than MAC but in regards to the consistency and wear it's pretty much a dead heat. I don't use gel liner everyday so it's important to me that it doesn't dry up after a few weeks, which is why Bobbi wins! As gel eyeliners go MAC and Bobbi are very good and I've not found anything better.

MAC lipsticks

Hue & Viva Glam Gaga

I knew I wanted Hue, I've seen a few bloggers blog about it with love. It's a glaze so it's almost sheer but does give a lovely nude-y gloss on the lips. Nothing special but an easy everyday kind of lippy (urgh I hate the word 'lippy'), I've said before that my lips are quite red naturally, so one coat of this doesn't do much, but a couple of slicks does the magic

Viva Glam Gaga was one that I'd not heard much about, well actually I had but chose to ignore it. I have a Viva Glam that I got a long while ago and it just conjures up images of badly applied make-up, so I guess I associate it with that. But whilst browsing  the lipstick section I picked it up a swatched. It's a lovely girly pink and can be built up to give more colour. Good purchase if you like your pinks

I'm not going hark on anymore. I'll do a proper post on the Soap&Glory Wish Upon a Jar. A the Lush Magic Mushroom is okay, nice pink bath but doesn't smell of much. The video is awesome though. Cute right?!

Hope everyone is planning some fab weekends!


Melanie said...

I'm glad someone else is struggling to pay off student debt too!
It's very disheartening, especially when I see millions of lovely things on a daily basis i'd love to buy!
You've done very well - keep up the good work! :) x

Suzi said...

Haha, I only have myseelf to blame!

What happened to your blog Melaine?

Melanie said...

I'm working on it...have been ill for what feels like forever but i'm hoping to get it going again sometime soon, along with my YouTube channel - fingers crossed! x


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