Thursday, 24 February 2011

Confessions Part I

These are my confessions.......just when I thought I spent all I thought I could spend......

You'll see this title is most apt for what I'm about to post.
Firstly I went to see Usher (Confessions....geddit?!) at the 02 on Friday. It was a rather inpromptu night out.

I went with my boyfriends mum, she's hilarious and like 54 going on 24. She was meant to be taking my boyfriend, but for reasons I myself don't quite know I managed to wangle the tickets off him. They were pretty flashy tickets, we got to sit in a box and everything. I ate a caesar salad whilst watching Tinchy Stryder in my box (well not just mine) and I drank a raspberry mojito while dancing to Usher. So thats a pretty good night in my eyes. Plus I felt very important

Hiiiii Usher!

Because I'm not a very good reviewer to music and stuff, I'll keep it short and sweet. Usher took his top off lots, sang practically every song you could think off from all his albums and had amazing dancers. So if that appeals to you then you should have gone, I say should because I'm pretty sure all the tickets are gone now.

I am a massive Usher fan and so obviously I needed to buy a whole new outfit in order to grace his presence. (I accidently forgot I was saving up)

(can we just ignore the fact that this is total unfocused?)
Blouse - New Look
Chinos - New Look
Bangle - New Look
Belt - Primark
Shoes - Christian Louboutin

Did I just go into New Look and buy a whole new outfit? Why, yes thank you, I did

This is the outfit that I had in mind to buy and New Look came up trumps, for a purse friendly £49. 

I've been wanting chinos like these for a while but I had half given up hope, I just couldn't find a pair to fit. tried these on a whim and was pretty surprised that they look half decent! Although once I'd got them home I would have liked them a little snugger around the thighs, but I know that a size down wouldn't have got over my fat bum. And this blouse is pretty fab, only £21.99, and it comes in lots of colours, I already have it in cream here, great from throwing on with a pair of jeans for a evening out.

Oh, and are they Louboutins on my feet?

Hahaaarr, yes. My beautiful children shoes. These were a gift for my birthday last year. I think they deserve a separate post. Plus they desperately need re-heeling at the moment and I wouldn't want you too see them at less than there best. But do know that they are fab, and my favourites ever.

As I didn't pay for the tickets and managed to get pretty spoiled by my boyfriends mother, I didn't actually spend that much. Although it was a unbudgeted night out in my saving scedule and my £50 for the rest of the month didn't quite cover the new outfit, cocktails and the bloody tube fares. Oops. But I'll let Usher off.

Unfortuantly the weekend spending got a little worse......


Abby said...


Confessions of a Fashion Outsider... said...

Love the splash of colour really sets off your outfit and don't even get me started of those shoes, in the words of TOWIE - i'm so jel! x


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