Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow bored.....

I managed to get into work today, but it was a horrible scary 20 minute journey and I have decided that car trips in the snow will be for emergencies only i.e. work. Plus the slight problem of parking in a pile of snow, rendering my car stuck, until some gentleman digs me out i.e. dad, pretty much means I'm trapped inside. I actually hate snow. So bored. So here is a boring little haul that I picked up in Selfridges last week.

May I just add that I am in love with Selfridges. Love Love Love. That yellow bag always makes me smile.

Anyway here we go

H&M nail polishes (sorry obv not from Selfridges, got waylaid on the way there!) in Moody Model (greeny blue) and Miss Stone Heart (grey).

Great colours, love that they are both a solid and sparkle free. Miss Stone Heart is 1 coat friendly and wears pretty good. Whilst Moody Model is almost 'watery' and needs a good 3 coats to be solid, meaning that it chipped very quickly. Which is a shame because I love the colour. Maybe its a dodgy batch?

MAC brush 188. Using it for stippling my foundation, its quite small which means that I can get into all my crevaces! Fab, as all MAC brushes are.

Clinique Redness Solutions foundation in calming neutral. Amazing coverage for me. I've never found Clinique foundations very good at hiding my blemishes but this does the job. It's a perfect colour for me and has good staying power. I'll probably do a post on this as I'm so pleased. Makes up for my YSL disappointment.

Laura Mercier loose setting powder in translucent. I've never been a powder wearer as I hate the chalky appearance it can give. But decided to get some of this as I'd heard good things. The jury is still out, I'm yet to go on a night out wearing so I can't really review it properly. I've been using it during the day without too much chalkiness and I guess my make-up does last longer, but I'm not raving about it so far!

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