Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The great hair timeline!

So....I was about to do a post on my hair care products and the Moroccan Oil I got for Christmas. But then I realised I'd hardly mentioned anything about my hair on this blog at all!

I seriously have a love/hate relationship with my hair. My hair is a light mousy brown and naturally straight with a slight kink. It lacks any body whatsoever, it relatively thin and gets greasy so quickly I literally have to wash it daily! But on the positive side it does have a good shine to it, grows quite fast and can be easily styled.

I really do think hair says so much about you.

So let me introduce you to my hair through the years......

Age 15

Aaah the height of my 'chav' faze. I had started to have blonde highlights put in at the salon, much to my mothers dismay! I could never afford a whole head of highlights so was getting a half head which was giving me the blonde on top and dark underneath look. I used to straighten my hair within a inch of it's life and kept it long and feather slightly at the front

Age 17

I'd had a side fringe cut in here and gone a bit shorter. I'd stopped the highlighting (probably as my student wage didn't go that far!) and I believe this is actually my natural hair colour, as by this time all the old blonde streaks had grown out! Looks much healthier!

Age 18

A year on and I was growing my hair at 18. I'd stopped having my hair cut (really bad idea folks) and was letting it grow out here, which you can probably tell by the side clipped fringe! It looks messy thick here!

Age 19

Blurgh. For my 19th I wanted a 'funky' hair style and had my hair chopped off. I remember hating it so much that I cried walking home from the hairdressers, it seemed a lot shorter at the time! The base colour is my natural colour but I'd had 'slices' of black dyed in under my fringe and the back of my hair. I didn't really know how to style my hair properly so it always looked a mess!

19 (and a bit!)

Still 19 here, even though I hated my previous cut, for some reason I decided to go shorter and for a full fringe, I'd obviously decided I like my hair short! I was going up to a pricey salon in London with my mum now and I trusted the guy to do what he liked. Plus my mum was paying so probably had to have something she liked! The black dye had been mostly cut out now and I was back to my normal colour.

Still aged 19!

Wow 19 was a busy year for my hair! This has got to be the shortest it has ever been. I'm can't really think why I was getting it cut so short now as I'd started to dabble in hair extension! As you can see I'd also begun to dye my hair. I was buying home hair dye and every time I dyed it I went up a darker shade as I was terrified of it fading and me having dodgy ginger hair (I'm not by any means against redheads!). It was probably too dark for my skin tone! Also it's a bit like a mullet, don't you think?

Age 20

Aaah my 20th birthday. As you could see my extensions are in full swing now. I rarely went out without them and had started to grow my hair. My hair was almost black here and I don't think it suited me. I remember it taking me ages to get ready because my hair was so short and my extensions were so long I had to make sure it all blended it perfectly! Not perfect, but I don't think I did a too bad job, ay!?

Age 20

2 days after my 20th birthday I went back to blonde. This time I went to the hairdressers! Where my hair was so dark I had to go lighter in stages, so this is the first stage. I thought I was really blonde at the time but I'm more of a mouse brown! I specifically chose this picture so you can see how bad my extensions were! I'd had to buy a new set of clip in hair and had attempted to dye it to match, I was so desperate for long hair that I hadn't cut any length off the extensions so it didn't blend in at all. What a mess my hair is, and so am I!!!

Age 20

Apparently my hair took to dye quite well, the next time I had it dyed it actually went pretty blonde! I have a centre parting here and was still growing it but had a fringe cut in. The extensions were cut in slightly better, but they still were being worn pretty permanently! I actually like the colour here.

Age 20

Dye job complete! I was happy with my colour a cut here. Still the same style though!

Age 21

My 21st birthday! Full barbie mode here! My philosophy was the bigger and longer the hair the better. Extensions were still a permanent fixture so not much to say about the cut of my hair other than that I was still growing it! I've obviously got another set of longer extensions here too.

21 and a half

I started to have my hair tinted rather that highlighted as I was afraid my hair was starting to get yellow/orange tones and look brassy! Although I loved the clean look of my hair I actually realised I was going blue! As so wonderfully highlighted in this picture. Wow! Can you tell I've got extensions in here?! Haahaha. I'm embarassed to say this is less that a year ago!

22 my hair now!

Growing my hair has been a long slog! But I'm finally at that stage where I wash, blow and straighten my hair and think wow, I actually like it. No need for any extensions! I'm really happy with the colour and although I sometimes ponder going back to black I'm not sure I'd actually go through with it. It's too much effort to get it back to blonde! I still wish my hair was a bit thicker and have to use a few extensions when I curl it. I am still growing my hair though! I have my roots tinted/dyed every 4-5weeks (roots make me very sad) with L'orel mojiblonde and I like the way my hair is very clean looking but without the blue tinge this time!

Phew what a long post that was. I hope you found it as funny as me. What did I look like back then?! Seriously guys, I'd recommend you do this, it's a laugh to look through pictures and see how you hair has changed! I guess mines not very exciting, I've never actually been that wild with me hair!

So I tag you!


KD said...

Haha I loved looking through this! Very pretty in all of them and definitely smiled when you said you noticed the extensions :)

sugarbeauty♥ said...

Your hair looks amazing chocolate brown! Wish my hair would grow that much in two years! I neeeeed long hair! :)

Love & Kisses

ellerosee said...

i love your hair now! i would love to go blonde!xx


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