Friday, 24 December 2010

Lame photo time

I suck at getting ready on time and therefore I suck at taking outfit/make up pictures. But I wanted to show a picture of me wearing the Fire and Ice lipstick from Revlon that I blogged about below, because it is such a good red!

So here is a massivly cheesy picture from my work Christmas party.

But you get the idea right?

This is near the end of the night so the corners of my lippy are starting to fade - plus I have some how managed to get a streak of it in my hair which is very tragic of me, can you spot it?! (I hardly even drank so can't blame alcohol for that mishap!)

Over all I'm really pleased with the wear of the lipstick, apart from the corner fade (but I had just eaten a 3 course meal plus wine) the colour stayed really vibrant and I'm pretty sure I managed to stay lipstick free on my teeth!

This photo does highlight how my foundation is a little too pale for me and that my eyelashes are wayyy to long! But I still love the lipstick!

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