Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The night owl...gets the shoes?

Posts have been lacking due to my money going on Christmas presents this month. Which I'm guessing is the same for most of us!

I've have obviously managed to pick up a few little bits for myself for all my hard work. Including a E.L.F haul (video coming soon - hopefully - urgh technology!) an amazing woollen cape from Topshop, and last night, these beauties.

River Island £89.99 - reduced to £55

I say last night because I worked a night shift. There aren't many advantages of being nocturnal, but Internet sales starting at around 2am has to be one. Luckily it was very quiet at work last night and doing my usual Internet shopping rounds I stumbled across the River Island website - displaying a banner saying it was updating the website for the Christmas sale....15minute website refreshing ensued (like I said...quiet)

When the sale actually went 'live' I wasn't all that impressed. I put a few bits in my 'basket' but took them out, remembering the golden rule...

"if you didn't want it full price do you really want it half price?"

But then I hit the shoe section. I've been lusting after these boots since they came out late autumn. I've tried them on a couple of times but have been put off by the price tag and colour. I mean red boots don't go with everything, plus I'd already purchased my staple winter boots for the year. That didn't stop me from stroking them every time I went into a RI though.

Finally they will be mine, granted in one size too big, but thick socks are very fashionable, right?!

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