Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas shopping OOTD

Quick little outfit for you guys to ponder...

I stupidly decided to hit Oxford Street for the remander of my Christmas presents on Thursday (yep, the 23rd). I kind of thought everyone would have finished shopping by now and that it would be a little quieter, stupidly.

Needless to say it was very busy, I got extremely harrassed as I do with busy shops which was not helped by the fact that I wore 5inch heels and bought a very large, heavy present within the first half an hour.

Here I am taking a break from Christmas shopping and instead shopping for myself in Topshop changing rooms.

Cape: Topshop
Suede thigh high boots: Topshop
Mulberry Bayswater


Princess Juicy said...

I ♥ your bag!

Princess juicy T ♥

Suzi said...

Thank you :) I got it for Xmas last year from my boyfriend, it took 2 months of solid nagging though!


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