Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Give a house a home!

One of my absolute favourite things to do whilst shopping is pop into Lush and pick up a bubble bar or two. It's like a little treat for my hard day shopping! Haha.

But seriously I love a bath, and although I like the excitement (ooh ahh, they are so pretty when they fizz) of a bath ballistic, I am a bubble girl at heart.

The last few times I've been into Lush I've noticed the Christmas holiday collection, but never really looked twice, I guess I prefer fresh smells and Christmas fragrances don't really fit into that category. However, the Gingerbread House bubble bar caught my eye. The few times I've seen it a stack of them always seems to be left on the stand. A little bit dodgy looking with a wonky cinnamon chimney and some unevenly scattered candy pieces, I too am guilty of leaving it on the shelve.

Not this time I thought.

I am so happy with my new home. I split it in two (seriously, one whole bar produces a lot of bubbles, no one needs that many) and used it last night. It filled my house (brick, not gingerbread) with a lovely spicy scent. It softened my skin and the other half sitting in my draw is doing a good job of making my room smell lush too!

So I implore you, ladies and gentlemen, give a house a home!

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sugarbeautyx said...

sounds good!
think im going to try it out ")

check out my blog..

love & kisses
Jill xox


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