Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Things I've learnt this week 8th - 15th March 2011

I have managed to be AWOL for the last few days, due to the fact I accidentally didn't get in till 6am Friday morning - got 3 hours sleep - worked a 10 hour shift, then was back at work Saturday for a 14 hour shift. I had Sunday off, which I spent with my boyfriend and then back working yesterday for a 14 and 1/2 hour shift! Needless to say I am only just catching up on all my blog reading at the moment!



Sorting out my finances.

I go on about money all the time, but it feels so refreshing to have sorted my money out! I've managed to pay off my overdraft. FINALLY!

I decided to finally get a credit card, just so I can get my credit rating up. I plan to use it for purchases through the month and then set up a direct debit to pay it off in full the day I get paid every month. It means that I won't be using it for big purchases, just in place of my normal account. Look ma' so sensible!

Whilst I was in the bank the lady offered my a better current account. No more student! Plus I get phone insurance, holiday insurance and break down cover! I've got rid of my £2000 overdraft and replaced it with a £300 (in case of emergencies!)

Sorry if that's not very exciting for you all, but it makes me very happy


So since the finances were sort out for all of 2 minutes. What did I do? Yep the only thing I know how, blow it! All on a brand spanking new Smart Car!!!!

It's a special limited pink edition for charity (they only made 100 of them) so I feel very privileged!!

I saw it only Sunday and couldn't stop thinking about it, so I've managed to purchase it today. It gets delivered on Friday!!! Typical impulse me!

But I have wanted a Smart car for ages because they are so small and easy to park. Plus free tax and congestion charge! I was supposed to be getting a used one, but they were offering a deal on finance and I feel in love with the pink one!!!! So I'll probably be broke for the next 3 years, but I'll look fabulous in my new car doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell how excited I am? I've been driving a 98' Fiesta for 4 years now, and although 'Lester' has done me proud, he gets very damp, smelly and needs jump starting allll the time. Considering I use my car everyday, I think it was high time for a little treat!


Dancing all night till your feet hurt!

Thursday night was a totally spontaneous night out, that saw me and my friends dancing our shoes off in a cheesy club.

Literally! A bare foot'd walk to get chicken burgers at 5am!

So fun though!


Melanie said...

Oh. My. God. Am so JEALOUS of your pink smart car! I keep eyeing up a pink Fiat 500 (but surprisingly can't afford the 13k price tag!) x

Angel In This Dress said...

Pretty car alert! I have the same logic - I want a really, small car that's easy to park :) the tax + congestion charge elements on top of that are bonuses! x x


Laura said...

omg didn;t realise they made pink smart cars, i want one ! have fun :)

Laura x


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