Thursday, 10 March 2011

OVERDONE ALERT - MAC Wonder Women Collection

The problem is when you read so many blogs is that when a new collection comes out you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone will have swatched/reviewed it.

Therefore my post is very pointless, but I still enjoy swatches and new blog posts. So I will stuff the new Wonder Women collection down your throat once more, just in case you haven't seen enough of it!

Basically I like the packaging, I knew I'd be most upset if I didn't purchase anything from it. Nothing massively stood out to me, but I've been needing a new blush and a new lipgloss for a while....

It was by chance that I thought, 'hmmm maybe I'll have a look at the MAC website to see if there is any news on when the new collection drops' - and there it was, good timing! I got all ready to go out to my local MAC (actually not that local, a good 40mins drive) and then decided it would be too dangerous to step foot in MAC for my bank balance so I ordered online. Also, like I blogged about that day, Debenhams online have started doing MAC and were offering a 10% discount, which is amazing considering you never, ever get MAC discounts!

So here are my two products

I must say the packaging is my favourite thing - it has stars on the inside too!

Lipglass in Emancipation and Blush in Amazon Princess

Amazon Princess Blush - Swatches. Top - light section, Middle - dark section, Bottom - mixed 

I really, really wanted Mighty Aphrodite but it was sold out everywhere, and I didn't want to chance going into a MAC and finding both sold out. I almost didn't get this as I was unsure how dark it would be, but I'm pretty pleased I did. It just gives a nice pink blush without being over the top. I needed just a nice everyday blush without any sparkles, although the dark section has a very light shimmer to it. Plus I'm super stoked it has a mirror in! Winner

Lipglass in Emancipation

The size of this Lipglass is absolutely hilarious. I mean what the hell MAC? Why would I need a lipgloss this big? If they wanted to give more product then they could have just made it longer rather than wider. The applicator is huge - I mean look at it on my lip! Still I guess it gives full coverage in one swipe of the lips! Size, aside it is a really nice colour. A neutral pink with a shimmer, the gloss itself lasts 2 hours or so but leaves a lovely shimmer behind which lasted more like 6 hours. Whilst it might not be the most interesting lip colour it is something that I can wear everyday and me confident that it looks good!

So that's it really, too good everyday products from a much hyped collection. I'm glad I joined the hype!

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Kat said...

Emancipation looks lovely on you - it just showed up clear on me. I picked up Marquise D' lippy and love it.


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