Monday, 7 March 2011

Just horsin' around....

Sorry I could resist. What do you think yay or neigh!? Oh so many horse related jokes....

Anyway on Friday I went out for a date with my boyfriend. Although we've been together two years now I still like to call nights out together 'dates' and dress up to the nines. We went to the cinema to see True Grit, which I've been wanting to see for ages. I have a weird facination with modern Western films and I love the Cohen Brothers. No Country for Old Men is actually one of my favourite films.

As for the film, it was amazing. I love it, one of those films I was still thinking about for a few days after. Hailee Steinfeld is a brilliant actress and really deserved the Oscar she got for the film. It is a little jumpy and gruesome in places, but I would reccommend it.

So this is what I wore, very apt too as the film had lots of horses in!

Oh dear, out of focus again!
Top - ASOS
Leggings - River Island
Shoes -
Black ring - New Look

The colour does wash me out a little but I love the pussy-bow style of the top and print too much not to keep it!

As an added bonus I managed to take a quite make-up shot, unfortuantly my eyeliner is wonky, but I did put some false lashes on before I went out which kind of covered it up!

I have MAC Victoria on my lips and UD Naked Palette on my eyes. My hair looks a bit crappy, have you ever blow dried your hair only to realise that you probably didn't wash all the shampoo/conditioner out, so it feel greasy and gross? Yeah....that happened and I didn't want to re-wash it!


Angel In This Dress said...

Loving the blouse! I actually think the colour looks fine on you - doesn't wash you out at all :)

I'm exactly the same with my bf! We've been together for 5 years and every time we go out for a meal or to the cinema it's "date night" and a great excuse to dress up :)

Also it needs to be said - you are a STUNNER! Just found your blog and I love it - will certainly be following x x

Suzi said...

Hiii, thank you for your lovely comments! I checked out your blog! I am def a follower now.

I think the top would look 100x better with a tan but I'm too lazy to fake tan at the moment!

Hurrah for date nights (although I'm not quite sure my boyfriend gets the memo!) Any excuse to dress up! x

Leanne Marie said...

Love the outfit.
Ive been with my bf 4 and a half years and we still go on date nights. Its nice!

I hate those bad hair moments, On occassions i can be bothered to re wash though! mostly cant though!


patukiii said...

u look great! love ur outfit!

Glamourbarbie said...

Cute outfit but I love the shoes the most :)


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