Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Dalmatian Nails!

 Woof Woof

I originally wanted to do something colourful but I saw some similar ones on a Tumblr and thought they were a change from leopard print. Plus about 1,000 times easier!

Also the A/W Topshop Unique show had the models with similar nails!

Random white nail polish (still waiting for my China Glaze White on White to arrive!) and Nails Inc London Nights, I used a dotting tool for the dots, which if you haven't got one yet. Why the hell not? Seriously I only heard about these like a week ago and they have made my life so much easier (well in terms to painting my nails!) I got mine from eBay -  a sent of 5 was like £2. Bargain.


Melanie said...

Hehe they look amazing! Will need to give them a try at some point :) x

EmmaDazzle said...

They are really cute. I love the way you have joined some dots uptogther.

Emma x.x.x

Suzi said...

Thanks guys, seriously so easy, but pretty effetice looking!

Hannah Michelle said...

Ohh I love this look :) I love being creative with nails!!


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