Friday, 4 March 2011

Something fishy.....

Last weekend I finally got around to using the gift voucher my Grandma had got me over Christmas, for a fish pedicure.

These fishy pedicures have been around for a while now, but only now has one opened up near me. I was pretty excited to go try.

If you haven't heard about it then the general idea is that you plonk your feet in a big bowl of water amongst 'doctor fish' that nibble away at the dead skin on your feet. Supposedly making them softer and getting rid of hard skin.

The fishes preferred my right ankle!

I have very tickley feet so was slightly apprehensive to how I'd cope, especially when the lady told me that any sudden movements would scare the fish and they wouldn't nibble! But apart from a few squeals when they tackled the very sole of my foot it was actually pretty relaxing. Almost like a vibrating feeling on my feet. It did smell a bit 'fishy' but nothing overpowering.

I noticed a difference instantly of the softness of my feet, but I had just had them in warm water for 15 minutes so that probably helped! A few days later I still have hard skin, but I can feel a slight difference. It's something you need to have done regularly to notice a big difference.

It's quite gimmicky but much more relaxing than I thought. And it cost £10 for 15 minutes so not too pricey

Would I recommend it?
Well, yes, if you've never been before it is a fun experience, especially if you go with friends! I did find it relaxing, but the environment I had it done in was noisy and a bit 'tacky' looking, they were defiantly branding it as more of a gimmick than as a beauty treatment. In a nice relaxing health spa and then having a pedicure to follow would be ideal and I'm sure places do offer that.

However I do worry about the fish and whether they actually want to eat dead skin. Surely they'd rather be swimming in the sea?

I would go with a friend if they wanted to try it out but personally I'd rather just go for a pedicure! Especially since I saw this article in the news.


Poppy xx said...

I really want to try one of these, i've heard a lot about them! x

Anonymous said...

I've heard about this before and would love to try it! Be kind of scary. LOL
Be great if you could check out my blog and follow please:D

Elle xo


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