Sunday, 3 July 2011

Nailed it....

I still don't have anything exciting to blog about. But here are a few pictures of nail art I've been doing recently. I'm getting better, but still room for improvement and my nails still chip like a bitch!

Apologies for the picture quality - they are all iPhone jobbies!

Taken at Wireless Festival!

Bourjois - Lime Catwalk
Random ring finger dots

Ring - River Island

Trying to distract myself from the gym - note the awful cuticles! Plus I only painted one hand!

Barry M - Pink Flamingo
China Glaze - White on White

Sorry so blurry - but I was really happy with this leopard print attempt!

China Glaze - White on White
Topshop - Bees Knees

Seche Vite makes this look super super glossy!

Barry M - Boots Limited Ed 047


Confessions of a Fashion Outsider said...

I'm wearing Lime Catwalk on my nails at the minute, don't you find t a bitch to get thin even layers?

Suzi said...

Yes totally. But I painted a thin layer of white underneath, it helped a bit, still had about 5 coats on though!!!


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